That First Post Thing  

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5/12/2006 7:21 am

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That First Post Thing

Ah, the first blog post... reminds me of the first time I had sex. The excitement of something new and a little forbidden, the fumbling and lack of confidence. She was just a few years younger than me, and just perfect in every way, from her shoulder length curly auburn hair, her slightly rounded nose and dimpled smile, her beautiful brown eyes, the amazing swell of her breasts, the slope of the small of her back sliding gently down into that tight and curvy ass. I'll call her Anna for the sake of this post.

As I said, Anna was stunning. She was also seriously horny most of the time. She and I got to be friends while I was working at a local video store. She and her friends would come in and hang out on Friday nights when they were cruising the strip. She'd tell me about what she'd like to do to me, and I'd always figured it was just to make me blush (which usually it did).

For example, one time I was helping her study for a math test and she complained that her feet were aching from the new shoes she had bought. I started to rub her feet and calves while we worked and she stopped after a few minutes, looked me in the eyes and said in a low husky whisper, "I know you want to fuck me right here on the table... you have my legs spread and your hands are only inches away from my wet pussy..." Then she smiled at me and kind of laughed and said, "of course, my parents are in the next room..." And in and out of the kitchen where we were studying too. I took a very cold shower that night.

One evening, she hung around long enough for closing time and asked me to walk her home, which I quickly agreed to. She was wearing a little plaid school girl skirt and a white pullover top. The weather was warm and the moon was full in the sky. As we walked , we talked about her current boyfriend troubles... she had broken up with some boy and was worried that she wasn't any good in bed. As she said this, she'd slide up next to me and snuggle in close as if she were cold. I had always thought about her, and had always tried to remain her friend, mainly because I thought that was how she saw me. Tonight was making me think differently.

We stopped at the city park on the way to her house and sat on a stone bench to talk a bit more. She took off her shoes, and I made a joke about buying for comfort not style. She kicked her leg over the bench to straddle it and looked me in the eye and asked if I was making fun of her fashion sense. I straddled the bench too and leaned into her, lightly running my fingers over her exposed knees. "No", I said, "I'm not. If it weren't for your poor fashion sense, I wouldn't be able to massage your gorgeous legs." At that, I leaned in a little farther, and lightly kissed her lips, running my hands slowly up and under her skirt. She kissed back, tenatively, then more insistently, our tongues dancing in and out of our stilted conversation. All the while, my hands slipped up closer to her, and then I ran my fingers along either side of her panties, tracing her lips and finding her swollen clit easily. She was so wet and so excited too. Her pullover had two rock-hard points where her nipples were. I pulled one hand out and started to run it up her top to roll her nipples when she stopped me.

"Wait! Someone will see us! We can't do this here..."

"Well," I asked. "What do you have in mind?"

"We have to find some place more private.. come with me"

We walked around a bit, looking for somewhere and finally ended up at the apartment complex across from her house. I had been nibbling her ears and lightly rubbing her in all the right places while we travelled. She couldn't find any place private enough, and finally pulled me behind the outside stairwell of the apartment and kissed me while she quickly undid my shorts. Meanwhile I was pulling her panties off from under her skirt and helped her slip off her top, undoing the clasp of her bra. I stooped down a little to suck on her hard nipples, catching them lightly with my teeth, hearing her moan softly each time. She ran her hands down to my cock and lightly began stroking me to full hardness. I wanted to work my way down farther and lick her clit, but she was having none of that. She wanted my cock in her now! I cupped her ass and lifted her up against the wall, rubbing my head against her wet slit and slowly pushing it in... oh good lord it felt so good! She wrapped her legs tighter around me and dug her nails into my back. We set into a rhythm, she'd lift slightly and I'd push slightly.. up and down.. in and out.. she bent her head down and nibbled on my ear, telling me how good it felt... "oh fuck my pussy... I am SO wet for you!! I want you to come all over me..." Finally I couldn't take it and I pulled out of her. She pushed her breasts together to catch my load and I shot all over her... then fell to the ground spent. After a few moments catching my breathe, we cleaned up and walked around the corner of the stairwell just as someone was coming out of their apartment upstairs.

Mmm... first times are awesome!

TickleMeBBW 36F

5/12/2006 8:02 am

Fantastic story, can't wait to hear more.

Kisses and licks on your funny bits, Tickles

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