Dear Penthouse....  

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Dear Penthouse....

I had mentioned dabbling with group sex in my last post, and I figured I'd elaborate a little. I've had it happen twice... I'll talk about one here, and maybe the other one next time.

Being a typically never-satisfied guy, I have a few issues I guess. I enjoyed both times, but if there's someone with an issue or a hang-up who really doesn't so much want to be there... well, it can kind of dampen the mood a bit. Also, I suspect that sex in a group is better if you really know your participants... having someone you're really close to could be a big enhancer to the experience I think.


A few years back, I was in a wedding party for a friend of mine as one of the groomsmen. The wedding had gone fine, and the reception was well under way with an open bar. The groom drank too much, the bride drank too much and they both went home early. Also in the wedding party were several of the bride's best friends, and relatives of the groom. We all knew each other, had hung out off and on at bars, generally liked each other and had a lot of fun together. Having an open bar wasn't a bad thing for us.

One of the bridesmaids had recently turned 21. Being the youngest in the wedding party, and drunk, she also became the wildest. Let's call her Tori. Tori was thin, blonde and very hot, and was getting hit on by guys 15 years older than her. After a few drinks, she decided early on to toy with the boys. She and a few of her friends hung out and the conversation turned to sex pretty quickly. She startled several of the guys when she talked about how she thought girls were as hot as guys. She was sitting next to one of the other bridesmaids (we'll call her Sarah) and she ran her fingers down Sarah's top as she said this. "Doesn't she have great tits?" she added. "Oh my god, she's just hot, isn't she?" Sarah blushed, but didn't say much.

Sarah DID have great tits. She was also blonde, like Tori, and built very well, ample, but atheletic, with a stunning smile. She flipped her shoulder length hair back in nervous excitement.

Meanwhile, the guys had gotten very interested in where this was going. One of them came up and gave Tori a backrub while she stroked Sarah's dress. Sarah finally spoke up and said "But you're prettier than I am... you're gorgeous!"

"Aww, that's so sweet," Tori purred, and then she leaned over and kissed Sarah on the lips, sloooowly, with a lot of tongue. At this point, I think we were all amazed, and more than a bit turned on to see them slowly tease a kiss out like that. The girls started giggling and then both stood up. Clearly Tori was doing her best to get a rise out of the boys, and it looked like Sarah was having fun at their expense too. I was sitting back, watching the show.

One of the boys decided at this point to get a little handsy with Tori. I think if he had been at all attractive, he might have stood a chance, but he really wasn't. And, he was slobbering drunk at this point too, which didn't help. Tori and Sarah pushed him back, and he got a little cranky. A few of the other guys got involved and were arguing with him, and I stepped up to check on the girls, who were pissed. "I think we're going to take off from here and go to a bar or something. Do you want to come along?" Tori asked me.

"Sure!" I answered.

Another friend of mine, Steve, was standing nearby too, and he piped up. "Is it a private party, or can I come along too? 'Cause the party is over here if you two leave..."

"Sure, come on along!" they chimed in.

I stopped by the coat check to collect everyone's jackets while they worked out details. When I got back, Sarah pulled me aside.

"Tori wants to go back to Steve's place, and she wants to take her car. I'm not leaving my car either, because I don't want to stay long, and Steve is driving himself. Would you mind driving Tori? I don't think she should because she's pretty lit."

It was pretty obvious Sarah was a little uncomfortable with the situation, but curious about where it might go. The guys from inside thought we were all going to the bars too. So I walked over to Tori, and got her keys. Then a redhead and another blonde came up. It was Tori's friend's Amber and Mary. "Can we get a lift to Mary's place? Her car is there and we're going to go out for the evening too." "Sure," Tori said quickly. "Climb in!" We pulled out after Steve and Sarah and drove into the night.

I called Steve on his cell to let him know what was happening, and tld him we'd be there shortly. Then we pulled up to Mary's house.

Up to this point the girls had been comparing notes about the guys at the wedding, and what they'd do for the evening. Tori didn't mention going to Steve's so I kept quiet too. I got a few compliments about how I looked, and there were a few snide remarks about the drunk guy from earlier. Amber, the redhead, stooped down by the drivers side to talk to Tori. I had the door open to get some cool air, and she rested her hands across my lap while she and Tori talked. One of her hands was slowly teasing my cock through my tux pants while she leaned in. Then she leaned into me and said "You smell really good!"

"He does, doesn't he?" Tori added. "Do you taste that good too?"

With that, Amber leaned into me and crushed her lips on mine. "Oh yeah! Delicious!!" she laughed when she came up for air. "Have fun tonight! Maybe we'll see you later!" Amber smiled as she said this. With that, they bounced into Mary's house, and we headed out to Steve's.

When we were on our way, Tori turned to me and touched my knee. "Did you like Amber stroking that cock of yours?"

"Oh, you saw that?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, but even if I hadn't, I'd see the wood you're sporting" She smiled. " How did you like her kisses?"

"Very.. nice." I answered. "Kind of like an old girlfriend of mine."

"I wouldn't mind being your girlfriend" Tori whispered into my ear as she stroked my knee.

At that we pulled up to Steve's and she shot me a smile, then wiggled her shapely butt at me as she got out of the car. We went in, and Steve handed us a few drinks. We sat and talked for a half hour or so, occasionally interrupted by a cell phone call for one or the other of us, and then the conversation came back to sex.

"I meant it when i said you were gorgeous," Sarah said to Tori. "Stand up and let us look at you in that dress." Tori stood up and stepped into the middle of the room, and did a little runway spin. "See?" Sarah said. "Absolutely spectacular!"

"Oh, I can show you spectacular," Tori said with a wicked grin. Then she reached around, and undid her zipper, slowly lowering the dress to the floor. Underneath, she was completely naked. "Ta-da!!" she exclaimed.

"Oh wow!" Sarah gushed. "Your tits are even better than mine!" She reached up and felt Tori's breasts, circling the nipples.

"Oh no.. yours are so much better," Tori said breathily. Then she reached behind Sarah and slowly teased her top down, revealing a lacy bra enclosing amazing breasts. Tori undid Sarah's clasp and they sprang free. Tori then ran a hand over Sarah's nipples. "Mmmmm.... those ARE nice! I knew they would be." Tori purred. At this point, Tori was also lightly running her hands over Steve's pants, stroking his growing member through the fabric. "Shall we take this to the bedroom?" Steve asked the girls. Tori slipped her mouth off of Sarah's breast for a moment to say yes, and they slipped down the hall. Tori looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a wink and asked if I could sit out in the living room for a bit, there was something I might like coming.

Uhm, okay, I guess. Which i thought meant I was out of luck for the evening. Oh, I was wrong.

There was a knock on the door after about five minutes and there stood Amber in a long coat. I opened the door for her and she slipped insdie and pinned me to the wall with a kiss. "Not going to get enough of THAT tonight I think!" she said.

"Oh, me neither," I agreed.

"I take it that they all went to bed without me?" Amber pouted.

"Well, not exactly, I think I'm supposed to show you the way."

"Oh good... but I can hear them now, so how about I lead you?" she said, and then slipped one hand into my pants to guide me along behind her while using the other to drop what little clothes she had on.

We came into the bedroom, and Tori was naked on top of Sarah, alternating between sucking her nipples and kissing her roughly. Sarah had her dress pulled down to her waist, and Steve was naked too, fingering Tori while she worked on Sarah.

"We got bored and wanted someone to entertain us" Amber said with a grin as we entered the room. She and I slipped up the bed by Sarah and we kissed Tori and joined her sucking on Sarah hard npples.

"I don't actually want to have sex tonight," Sarah said, "but this feels pretty good."

Meanwhile, Amber lifted up and began frenching Tori. Tori started to moan, and looking back, Steve was mounting her doggy style. He pouned on her ass for several minutes and then she started to squeal in pleasure as she came... both girls sucking her nipples. She rolled off Sarah, and pulled Steve on top of her to continue, with Amber moving to the other side of the bed to continue kissing her.

Sarah pulled me down and started kissing me, and I ran my hands down her breasts to her dress. I kissed my way down and lifted her skirt out of the way, moving her panties aside as I ran my tongue around her engorged clit. She shuddered in pleasure, and lifted her hips involuntarily to my mouth, She tasted wonderful, and I ran my tongue in swirls around her lips and rammed into her wet pussy, making her pull me in to her more. Finally, she said "Stop.. oh PLEASE stop!" in an exhale.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"Oh no, GOD no!" She said. "I am so close to cumming and I can't."

"Uhm.. okay. Why is that?" I asked.

"Because I have a boyfriend and I don't want to cheat on him..." She said.


"Really, I just want to watch, maybe make out a little, that's all..."

Amber had been watching this while she played with Tori. Steve had cum and he and Tori were just exploring each other. She came over to me and started kissing me and stroking Sarah's breasts. She pulled me onto the floor and started sucking on me, bringing me back up from the moment. Soon I was hard again, and she smiled and looked me in the eyes and said "I need some cock. Can I have yours?" And then she sat down on me, slipping it inside. She rode me for a while, and then climbed off and bent herself over the bed to where she could kiss Tori and Sarah while I fucked her from behind. Pretty soon, we both came and then the evening wound down from there.

There was a bit more afterwards... dressing Sarah back up. Goodbye kisses from Tori. Amber dropping me back off at my car. But this was the highlight of the night.

I can't complain, but it could have been better.

Anybody else have a similar experience?

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