Between the Lines  

waywrd 48M
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5/14/2006 7:27 pm
Between the Lines

I have had a few people emaile me to ask about my blog and myself. Thought I'd write in a few details here... nothing incriminating or too specific.

I've lived on one side or the other of the St Louis area for most of my life. I have family and ties here (and a few other places about the country as well). I started this blog to just write about some of the more sexual aspects of my life... sometimes a fantasy, sometimes a trip down memory lane. I'll never use real names here. It's just not cool. I may change details a bit to protect those who aren't here to protect themselves. Privacy is a big deal to me, yours.. mine.. and everyone else's. We're slowly watching ours go away every day, and it bugs me. For that reason, I won't post any indentifying pictures of myself either. If you'd like to "see" me, drop me a line or wink at me and I'll likely share, especially if you share back. I am in the process of getting some non-identifying pictures so you can see the "general" me... probably no cock shots though. Yes, I have one, yes it's great, sure you can touch it if you talk really nice (heh heh). Knowing all that doesn't mean that it needs to be splashed (popped? mightily erected? exposed?) all over the web.

Believe it or not, I am kind of reserved and shy in real life. Get to know me and that's a different story. I like women who know what they want, are enthusiastic without being overly psycho-stalker-ish, and who like me for who I am.

Oh yeah, if something's on your mind, feel free to drop me a line in comments. I'm always up for a good multiple partner participation-fest! Maybe for my next post I'll talk about my limited experiences with groups...

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