what was lost  

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10/28/2005 3:02 pm

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what was lost

So I'm going to use this to empty my soul. No one that knows me can guess that i'm dead in-side. i lost that one true love that your always looking for and i dont even know why she left. and now nothing is real but the pain. All that is left is to pick up the burt and broking pieces of my heart. It's been 26 day already and it just kill's me more every day. I lost my life my love and i think my soul. if there is nothing left in me then what is to become of me? what do i have when all i had has been ripped out of me? what do i have to do to forget about you? i was going to give up everything i had (and it was a lot) to be with her foever. one day she said I LOVE YOU and the next day she was gone. and i was left with the why. all i have is the pain and hurt and rage. all this burn in me all the time and my beer, weed, and vicodin wont put the fire out anymore. i have to hide all of it but now it's slipping all out. how did i turn in to this? i have nothing to go on for. nothing is real to me. my whole life is a lie. all that is in me has died. my soul is gone and bleeding. torn apart with my heart and my life. I'M NOTHING NOW. there is nothing left for me. i think it's time to return to the darkness that spawed me.

Hobbes1025 46M

11/4/2005 8:54 pm

Please, forgive me if I may sound rude, but did she leave you, or did she ..uh, go on to the next plane of existence?

If she left you, move on. If she moved on to the next plane of existence, there are other people who have had this happen to them! I'm not sure where you will find them, but I'm sure you won't find them with weed and vicodin. I'm sure there have been more than just a few who have lost themselves inside of a bottle. Most of them would probably tell you that that's NO place to be.
But as I've figured out (the hard way), that everyone has there own way of dealing with things. Some good,; some bad.

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