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11/18/2005 12:30 am

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so what is this? a ray of light that wants to come in? what is this goddess of light doing in my world of darkness? why would something so sweet and lovely want to be in this world of pain and rage? i don't know but i welcome her with open arms. even if she is only here for a short time.

anyway back to the pain... thats all that is left right? the other day i had a moment of clarity you know what i mean? that one moment when it all comes clear and you know what to do. i was driving down the freeway and you don't know how fast your going, you look and see your going 85 to 90mph and you look up and see the overpass coming up. in that brief sec you just Punch it and as my car shot ahead ( i love to drive my car fast) I'm thinking 120 and I'm good to go, hit the wall and it's all over. well it be bliss well it be like a switch that just got turned of? then as I'm gaining on that speed i need i see the cop sitting on the other side of the freeway not even facing me but reality kicks in i cant afford any more tickets so i brake and slow down. funny is it not one sec ready to hit the wall the next i'm thinking about a ticket. funny hu?

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