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5/25/2006 4:52 pm

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I’m an adventurer at heart. I’ll try almost anything once except for eating bugs on one of those “reality” TV shows. I’m not usually the idea person but I’ll take an opportunity and run with it. Some day I’ll talk about how I got on AdultFriendFinder to begin with, but that’s another story…

I recently found myself presented with the opportunity to try out sex with another woman, just the two of us, both straight but admittedly “bi-curious.” We were getting acquainted in the process of possible couples play. I’m way more slutty than she is and, as I said, game to try almost anything. She was much more reticent and wanted to find her comfort level with me before even meeting hubby.

So, she came to my house for lunch and chatter. She was very sexy but uneasy at first, not as gregarious as I am, but she warmed up and we made a pretty comfortable connection. The next day she emailed me that she wanted to get together again, with just me. Curious, I asked her if she meant for lunch, talk, PLAY?? She said maybe play. I didn’t feel any particular desire but, as I said, I’ll try almost anything, especially when it’s presented to me.

We chatted for hours. Two girls. Then we walked and chatted some more. We got to talking about sex. We noted that we had both experienced sex with other women in the context of couples play only. We both had found that we weren’t drawn to the other women sexually but that, once we got started, it felt pretty natural and was fun. She admitted to me that her husband, anticipating that she might play with me, had bought her some Victoria’s Secret undergarments which she had, in fact, worn. We laughed. My husband had suggested I buy a strap-on or at least a book on f-f sex. “You’re missing some equipment, don’t you think?” I had scoffed at the idea, assuring him that I’d been playing with this female body of mine for quite some time and knew my way around…

So, sitting there in the woods, I asked her if she wanted to try it. She said “kinda.” Not feeling real turned on but willing to try almost anything, I said, OK, let’s go back to the house and play…

When we got to my bedroom, neither of us quite knew how to start. Who starts? How? Where are the chocolate covered strawberries to feed each other? No wine? No sultry music? Candles? Man, we really were missing some crucial equipment.

Cocks come with some real basics, like initiative, creativity, and seduction. She and I had attracted dozens, maybe hundreds, of men in our lives. Neither of us had a clue about romancing a woman. I really have to hand it to you guys. You work hard to seduce us!

We talked through the whole thing; women are talkers. We tried a kiss which felt very unnatural and entirely too intimate. It almost felt like kissing a mirror! Touching each others’ breasts was cool; breasts really are friendly! What was really hot and got us both off almost immediately was when we fingered each other’s clits. As she said, “wow, this is just like getting myself off!” We imagined out loud the guys joining in and that added heat…

The next day we both agreed that it had been fun, that we would do it again if presented with the opportunity, but that we didn’t crave it.

My conclusion: I’m straight. I’ll suck cock over pussy any day and there’s nothing quite like fucking. But, as I said, I’ll try just about anything once–or twice…

Now I’m really curious about other women’s bi-curiosity. Was the lack of inspiration in my f-f situation a function of us being cockless, just inexperienced, or did it have more to do with being with a woman too much like myself. What’s been your experience?

bipolybabe 54F

6/3/2006 12:58 am

This was very interesting to me. Thanks to earthshiva for referring me here.

I'm bi, but I find I'm unusual in being comfortable with women beyond mere curiosity.

The first time I kissed a woman, about five years ago, it was totally erotic. She was chattering on incessantly, nervously, and I kissed her to shut her up while I was making dinner for us. She was/is a lesbian and knew her way around a yoni. Since I'd been studying female sexuality, I was pretty confident I'd be okay. I think maybe we had enough polarity to make it hot, unlike your experience.

What I did discover, after the two-year relationship with her, is that I prefer the charge I get from men. For me, sex with men is more electric. And, I do prefer sucking cock to eating pussy. To each her own.

I tried a fmf threesome with a woman who is equally bi, and that worked well, but eventually, I ended up fucking the guy while the other woman brought herself off.



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SirMounts 102M

6/6/2006 12:33 pm

Ah, it's always so nice when two girls get acquainted. *dreamy*
Welcome to blogging, wavegoodbye. *smiling*

jennilynsue 32F
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6/9/2006 1:53 pm

I have never gotten very far with making love to women, mostly I've done a lot of deep kissing, feeling eachother's breasts, etc... I haven't had very much oppurtunity. I get really turned on by fantasising about caressing another woman's breasts and the incredibly soft lips! To me it is very erotic. I know what you mean though about who does what first... I think that at least one person has to be a somewhat dominant personality to initiate play. But also the chemistry has to be right too.

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