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5/6/2005 8:15 am

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Osaka Gigolo

Osaka brings back too many memories of girls to even recount them all. Something in the water there. As soon as I set foot in that city I have found a partner before the night has even gotten off to a start.. Okini! Osaka Girls. But the one who paid me cash was a hi-lite.

It went something like this. Get off plane. Check into capsule hotel in Namba. Pull out secret map (that had been compiled by numerous friends over the years showing the hotspots for partying). Start with the Irish pub. Meet nice Japanese man who wants to show me another hotspot. Stand at the bar with him. Hot tatooed Korean-Japanese chick starts buying me shots. An hour later we are in her very upscale apartment going at it.

(She was such a trooper! The same morning I had been laid in Seoul by a girl I picked up the night before. This girl in Seoul was so fucking hot and horny that as I was leaving our hotel room for the airport to Japan and I saw her there in bed, wet from the shower and smoking a cig, I had to have her one more time, so I did it with my pants on, cock sticking out of my fly. My only pants for Osaka were now covered with our juices. Osaka girl, as soon she went down on me, said "you fucked somebody last night, didn't you?" I blushed and apologized but she just said.. "you naughty boy" and kept going.)

The next morning her hot friend, who slept on the sofa and unfortunately didn't join in, hustles me out the door because my girl's mom has called and is on the way over to pick her up. Her friend takes me down to a taxi and as she puts me in she slips a 10,000 yen bill in my hand (100$ US) She says "'Yuki' wants you to have a good time today, go shopping, eat well, whatever. And call her tonight."

The next night was even better. Nightclubs, dinner, a luxurious theme love-hotel repleat with the standard jacuzzi and sex toy menu. All paid for by Yuki. She even bought me a Japanese phrase book. I didn't have to spend a penny on the whole trip except for the capsule hotel I never set foot in again.

Here's the worst and most amazing part of the story though. She gave me her phone number and email address on a little slip of paper and I lost the bloody thing. This was about 8 years ago and I tried EVERYTHING to contact her from personals in the paper to internet searches. I went back to Osaka several times after that and kicked myself in the ass every time for losing her info. She was such an amazing host, lover, and guide.

Here's the part that's hardest to believe.. Last month while in Thailand I stuck my hand down in this little strap storage space of the bag that I had used in Osaka 8 years ago and hardly touched since. I pulled out a little slip of paper and there was her name, which I still had never forgotten. No reply yet, she's probably married but damn I wanna see her. if you recognize this story honey, please contact me.

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