Why Guys Flash Their Dicks: Warm's Homo Erectus Theory  

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10/23/2005 8:32 am

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Why Guys Flash Their Dicks: Warm's Homo Erectus Theory

Like so many of us I do so enjoy reading posts by [blog mzhunyhole]. This post was inspired by [post 120603] and extends the short comment I made there.

I’m a guy who’s intrigued by the whole dick pic thing, because:

(a)there are loads of guys who insist on showing their dicks on AdultFriendFinder, despite
(b)there are loads of women who clearly state that this is not an especially attractive thing to do

Now I’d understand this outside of Blogland , but guys who blog must be well aware of this not too hard to spot phenomenon.

There’s simply got to be an explanation as to why the XY Club members express this compulsive behaviour. So I had a bath and was struck by a moment’s inspiration.

This is Warm’s Homo Erectus Theory.

It's a genetic throwback that is still in the gene pool. Our ancestor Homo erectus was so named because of this early greeting between males when out hunting mammals that were larger and hairier than they were. Y’know, mammoths and woolly rhinoceroses and stuff. Arguments about who would do what when driving the mammoth over the cliff could result in chaos, large mammoths that did not go over the cliff and smaller primates with potential that did. The simplest solution was a pecker pecking order, the largest pecker predominating. Everyone knew their place, and in a world before exact measurement there was a kind of democracy, particularly since erect penises are more similar in size than flaccid ones.

Meanwhile, back at the cave, female hominoids were developing language through sharing ideas about which grubs were the best h’ors d’oevres to a good bit of giant sloth rib, where the best roots could be found for the children’s headaches, and how they emotionally related to each other. That sort of higher level stuff.

Things weren’t helped when the guys got home and couldn’t join in this sophisticated discourse, so they did what they knew best – a bit of dick display. Our early female ancestors couldn’t decode any meaning from this (not that there might have been any), but, being smart and creative, realised that sucking it or placing it between their legs got around the communication difficulties in a most enjoyable way.

Consequently males fell millennia behind in communication, but the significance of dick flashing became imprinted in those genes that interact and create our neural wiring. Not explicitly, but subtly, creating a predisposition towards display.

Civilisation came and over ten thousand years passed. The creation and evolution of social and moral codes has ultimately made flashing your dick in the street worthy of arrest and being placed on a sex offenders register. For most, this was enough to deter.

And then came the world wide web and AdultFriendFinder, and guess what? We’re in a morality-free zone (more or less) and can do what we please.

And out come the knobs!

So, ladies, next time you see a guy flashing his dick on AdultFriendFinder, just think, “Ah bless! He’s being a traditionalist!”

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

10/27/2005 3:16 pm


warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/27/2005 11:52 am

Hmmmmmmmm! ST in cave! Hmmmmmmmm!


Hmmmmmm! Moannnn! Hmmmmmm! Ahhhhh!

~primaevally warm~

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/27/2005 11:31 am

Coffee, a compliment from one who writes as well as you do is an honour. Many thanks.

warm xx

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/27/2005 11:24 am

Thanks Coffee. Your posts on [blog CoffeeNoCream] are so well written and enjoyable I am honoured by your kind words.

warm xx

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/27/2005 11:10 am

Thanks Coffee. I love your blog [blog CoffeeNoCream] too. Refreshing and creative.

warm xx

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/27/2005 11:06 am

Thanks, Kat. It's a demented theory at best but having said that there must be some roots in primate behaviour (he said getting serious for a moment - trust me I'm a biologist, at least by university degree).

The pussy infection warning. I guess it's advice to us all to practice safe sex and get checked out regularly if active and adventurous.

And what's going on? Are we worrying AdultFriendFinder? There seem to be a number of blocked posts recently. Hey out there, we're nice, we're benign, we're making this site fun and friendly. Introducing blogging to AdultFriendFinder was a brilliant piece of genius on your part and look how loyal we are, and how hard we work to make all these fun posts for everyone on the site to read.

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/27/2005 10:38 am

You're too smart for me, saint! I tried my best for the boys out there, giving some sort of evolutionary respectability to the overwhelming urge to flop it out and make it stand to, I really did. *sigh* Ah well, back to the drawing board!


saddletrampsk 54F

10/27/2005 7:52 am

Warm..you sexy caveman..clunk me on the head, take me back to your cave and have your wicked way with me..

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

10/26/2005 9:06 am

Thanks for explaining it all !!!
lovely piece of writing

liefs Coffee

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/25/2005 12:39 am

Thanks Wicked. There's a kind of meme-fever around Blogland, and I think combined with the numbers game there's a pressure at work - must blog, must blog, must blog. The problem is that all too often there is that poem that simply won't finish, that idea on the back-burner that simply takes too much time to articulate, that story that is hard work to commit to screen. So the quick fixes appear, and they're often derivative in some way or other. It's a bit like movies.

I think AdultFriendFinder's number-driven discourse creates particular human behaviours to emerge and predominate, as number-driven discourses do elsewhere in life, such as the media industry as a whole, and I know this leaves a number of bloggers more than a little unsettled, because they're here to write and respond to others' writings first and foremost.

I've probably batted my last on this one, but you're right, this is a sex site after all, and therein lies the freedoms of expression, including what we display, whether that's creative and refined, or vulgar and gauche.

Hugs and More, sweet Wicked. warm xx

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/25/2005 12:16 am

Dranba, you know how slowly we guys evolve. Give us a multipack of beer and a few good ball games on the tv and we'll stop evolving altogether. Someone's got to take the next tentative steps. I see it as a kind of duty towards the species!!!

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
10/24/2005 10:21 pm

Yeah, yeah, good excuse. I ain't buying it.

rm_WickedFemale 62F
401 posts
10/24/2005 12:06 pm

Talk about them beating the dead horse to death about this subject now......
Suppose that it could be because it is a sex site.......?
Some lack being creativity about their pictures, and this is not just with males but also with females....
I have noticed that if someone uses a great idea about their photo, within a week many will be doing the same thing.....sorta like the blogs.......
It is ashame that there are very few that tend to think and do a little different.....Viva the difference!
Hugs to ya, Warm.....

dranba 39F

10/23/2005 5:08 pm

Oh! That explains it all!! Well, I'm glad to see that you, Warm, are a non-conformist and pushing the boundries for the other men out there!

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