Sweet Little Chavette  

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9/25/2005 6:21 am

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Sweet Little Chavette

As far as I can tell the term “Chav” is a UK one. It is a cultural identity, often identified by a style of dress including baseball caps, hooded tops (hoodies), tracksuits, and Burberry (‘Rupert Bear’ tartan) handbags and other accessories.

Male chavs are ardent soccer supporters, sometimes passionate about this to the point of violence, lager drinkers, laddish, drive small fast cars with large spoilers, spotlights and under chassis neon lighting (now what’s that all about?), party hard and get laid at weekends, and go to certain parts of the Mediterranean such as Aya Napa, predominantly to party hard and get laid.

Female chavs love girly gossip magazines, adore celebrities, watch soap on TV, wear very large earrings and other very overt bling, have children at a young age, drink alco-pops, are laddette-ish, party hard and get laid at weekends, and go to certain parts of the Mediterranean such as Aya Napa, predominantly to party hard and get laid, with the additional imperative to sleep on the beach during the day to get that tan, even if the UV exposure kills them.

Chavs place little value on formal education, largely because the benefits of which are rarely experienced by the cultural group and there are few, if any, role models. Males, if employed, do jobs like scaffolding, (white) van driving and house painting. Females have often drifted into having families young, lacking the qualifications they need to shape real independence and self-determination. It is an almost exclusively white and working class phenomenon.

There are a lot of chavs in Britain. Many more than the well-educated, urbane and articulate Brits I’m afraid.

I know I am guilty of stereotyping, but I need you to get the picture.

So anyway ……

I’m driving through Dagenham, past the playing fields at the edge of this sprawling poor area between London and Essex and I see this six or seven year old girl, on her own. She’s wearing a pink baseball cap, with a blonde pony tail, and a pink tracksuit. She’s pushing a tiny baby buggy. I didn’t have time to look whether there was anything in it, but I reckon there was a doll there. It was a fleeting glimpse, but I’ve been a bit haunted by the vision ever since.

These were my thoughts ….

Six: L’il Chavette already been indoctrinated into the belief system of Chav. Her attitudes and life pattern are probably 95% shaped already. She’s a pretty little thing and if life serves her well she will go far.

Sixteen: Chavette has left school two years ago, despite legislation stating she should attend. She has an eighteen month old toddler. Dad’s seventeen, unemployed and socially ill-equipped to play his role. Chavette is still at home and her parents are helping with the parenting. She is still wearing a baseball cap, tracksuit and has an expensive pair of trainers bought by her parents on mail order (pay later). Chavette reads girly goss mags, watches soap on TV. She gets upset when loud-mouthed boys in baseball caps shout “Oi, pramface” across the street. She still gets out weekend evenings with her mum and dad babysitting and plans to go to Ibiza in the summer.

Twenty six: Chavette now in high rise housing on that rough estate. She still wears a pink trackie but it looks grubby and has a cigarette burn on the arm. She’s got three kids now and no reliable partner. Things went wrong at home and anyway there was no room in her parents’ house any longer. Hard to get out. Occasionally guys come and go. They want sex, she wants company and comfort. Doesn’t work out.

Thirty six: Chavette …………………….

At this point it all got so bleak I stopped imagining and stopped writing. Charles Dickens’ London is still alive and well and I’ve seen many a story shape like this for real.

Can anyone finish this story and give me a happy ending?

warmandsexy52 64M
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9/28/2005 2:10 pm

Oh wow! You have saved sweet Chavette. How can I thank you? warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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9/28/2005 10:41 am

She finally realizes that she can do better than her heritage has taught her, so she starts to self educate enough to get through high school. Once she earned her diploma while raising the unruly pre-teens she had too young into responsible little children, she starts to go to a local city college to get an education in legal aid. She feels that her street experience will help her be able to contect with people coming from her background and she can help others make better lives for themselves as well.


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