warmandsexy52 64M
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5/23/2006 11:20 pm

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7/30/2006 6:26 pm


the cold
light of day
shines bleakly
when glowing
rays of dreams
are swept away
by stark winds
of reality.

there are times
when I have
dreams aplenty
more than
enough to share
and times
when I have

my dearest
of friends
can you
even share
a dream?

© warmandsexy52 2006

wickedeasy 66F  
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5/28/2006 7:01 am


i offer you a dream i had:
s small plane sailing silently down into a valley, emerald green trees, cobalt blue waters in the stream and a small stone cottage with a wisteria vine, deep purple flowers clambering up it's walls

such quiet, such peace

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/28/2006 8:26 am:
Mmmmmmm! The thought of silently flying into a peaceful, quiet valley has a real appeal to me. Arriving in paradise. Nice.

warm xx

bluebellclara 65F

5/26/2006 8:10 am

I dream of being in a boat on a day so foggy that you can't tell the water from the sky. Suddenly beautiful black and white orca whales emerge from the mist, circling my boat, diving, and then coming back to the surface. They bless me with their presence, and I know I will be all right.

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/28/2006 3:53 am:
Such a beautiful and spiritual dream ...... I can picture it fully

warm xx

runzwithknives 59F

5/25/2006 5:58 pm

Many dreams to share, warm. Cozy or erotic, or both? Hugs.

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/28/2006 3:01 am:
Both, please dear runz. Separate, together, interwoven, counterpoised.........

I'd love you to share a dream with me .......

warm xx

ArtisticTwist75 41F
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5/24/2006 4:39 pm

I have dreams to share warm...
do you need one?


warmandsexy52 replies on 5/28/2006 2:03 am:
Most definitely!

warm xx

goodatpoetry2 66M
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5/24/2006 1:37 pm

I had a dream the other night.
About me an Farrah Fawcett.
And I wrote it down,
So I wouldn't forget......
But I guess I must of lost it!

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/28/2006 1:40 am:
Beware the Fawcett succubus
Cos when she comes and sleeps with us
She steals the notes that we've been jottin'
And such delights are soon forgotten.


digdug41 49M

5/24/2006 10:49 am

uh I dont think you want to share in my dreams LOL but yours was pretty cool

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/28/2006 1:35 am:
Thanks digdug. I read your post My War and I'd visit one of your dreams as a guardian spirit giving you strength and support any time, knowing that you'd do the same for anyone in Blogland.


saddletrampsk 54F

5/24/2006 6:59 am

Dream of a delisious afternoon lying in the tall prairie grass watching the clouds change into magical and mystical shapes as they drift across the sky..and imagine you are flying with them..

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/27/2006 5:46 pm:
Whenever I have prairie dreams you're there too.

warm xx

moonfire2u 69F
2602 posts
5/24/2006 4:51 am

Dream of a beautiful blue lagoon surrounded by palm trees and the smell of jasmine all around....and you lying on the cool grass with a lovely lady...

kind thoughts,

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/27/2006 12:51 pm:
How exquisitely lovely! Would you care to be the lovely lady?

warm xx

TabithaElectra79 37F

5/24/2006 2:10 am

Blissful poetry...

Reminds me of the words....."have you any dreams you'd like to sell..." as sung by the fleet wood of the mac!

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/27/2006 12:14 pm:
Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions
I keep my visions to myself
Its only me
Who wants to wrap around your dreams and...
Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

I love "Its only me who wants to wrap around your dreams...."

Embracing who you are, as we do so often in Blogland, which makes it the wonderful place it is.

warm xx

HBowt2 58F

5/24/2006 1:25 am

me thinks someone needs to take to the sky....

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/27/2006 10:30 am:
Oh HB2, this month has been appalling for paragliding, but maybe in the days ahead. The embrace of the sky almost as enticing as the embrace of another human being. I would choose to lose neither. I guess I'm being a little greedy, huh?

warm xx

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