Men's True Loyalties  

warmandsexy52 64M
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5/4/2006 9:25 pm

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5/7/2006 10:52 am

Men's True Loyalties

I have to confess......

I spent my formative teenage years at a school renowned for its prowess at rugby and as a result football (soccer) was looked down upon as being a bit soft and effete, and although I like to see my local team do well I don't particularly have a passion for the sport, so the male culture that revolves around football and its spectators has always intrigued me.

In a recent survey commissioned by a leading sponsor of the World Cup the following was found:

94 percent of men said they would never abandon their team, no matter how badly it performed

52 percent would walk away from a relationship that was not working out.

39 percent admitted to crying tears of joy or woe over a football match.

32 percent said the game had been instrumental in teaching them to bond with other men.

The average London fan spends just short of £5,000 ($8,000) on supporting the game.

As the researcher who carried out the survey put it:

"If men showed the same fidelity, commitment, self-sacrifice and honesty towards their partners, the divorce rate would halve overnight......... . Football, it seems, is being used as a catalyst to allow men to express emotion."

So there you have it.

Is this really men's true loyalties?

And what does it reveal about my fellow members of the XY Club?

saddletrampsk 54F

5/6/2006 9:40 pm

So maybe I need to paint my boobies like a soccer ball to get some more attention?

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 10:31 am:
If you painted your boobies like a soccer ball you'd not only get more attention you'd get full sponsorship! .... ...... warm xx

moonfire2u 69F
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5/6/2006 1:46 pm

You find the most interesting info...thanks

kind thoughts,

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 10:28 am:
Thank you Moonfire. I always look forward to your comments...... .... warm xx

ArtisticTwist75 41F
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5/5/2006 6:47 pm

Perhaps being a spectator is way more fun than a participant. Or at least less work.


warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 10:27 am:
I agree Artistic. In being a spectator you never make mistakes but can comment with great authority on the mistakes of others. Personally I would rather be a participant, so given the choice of taking my paraglider out into the hills or watching a football or any other match I know where I would rather be.

I think your post Ingesting Rat Poison if only to breath is awesome and truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing........... warm xx

HBowt2 58F

5/5/2006 3:14 am

possibly its the only place where they are allowed to express themselves traditionally.....some traditions need changing...

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 10:09 am:
I have always had concerns about how tribal the subculture is ..... warm xx

goodatpoetry2 66M
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5/4/2006 11:12 pm

I think sports bond men together from childhood. That's where they play together and learn to relate.
I never did that when I was young, and have never been comfortable around other men. I just wrote about that yesterday in my blog.

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 10:04 am:
I read your blog with great interest. Thank you for sharing.

SlimGoodGuy 38M

5/4/2006 10:02 pm

I don't think so.

After living in England for a little over a year, I would like to add something here. You don't want one of those guys drunk and singing songs about their woman the way they do their team and the other team. You might not like what they say about your wife. You don't want that kind of commitment. You'll end up with a lot more guys getting in fights over women than we already have.

Sounds funny though.

We're men. We're an open book. Women are the hard ones to figure out.

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 9:59 am:
I think that football acts as an agent for male bonding in England and possibly elsewhere and in that many men find a security they do not get from their relationships with women.

caressmewell 53F

5/4/2006 9:50 pm

I find this rather interesting...I'm sure that the stats would be similar in the states for some of the major sports here. I'm really a bit surprised and don't know what to say at this moment.

warmandsexy52 replies on 5/7/2006 9:49 am:
That's interesting to know caress. Men can certainly get much more openly passionate about football than they ever do talking about their "little lady" or "her indoors", as they'd put it..... warm xx

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