Where I'm at in my head...  

warloga85 45M
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4/25/2006 1:33 pm
Where I'm at in my head...

This is where I'm at: I've been dressing in lingerie for years and years, in private, by myself. I've fantasized about being with a man for years. I enjoy playing with toys because they feel good.

I like wearing stockings, corsets or bras, thongs, short skirts and heels (when I can find them in my size) because they feel great. I don't have an extensive wardrobe, but I can mix and match to change things-up. A bad day is any day where I can't dress-up for a little while. being married, I have more of those days than I like.

I shave my legs on a regular basis now (it's all about timing) and would like to shave my chest but I can't. I do trim down below the belt-line and shave my facial hair when I feel like it.

I would consider myself a crossdresser simply because I have no desire to do anything more than wear all there sexy items. I'm not taking hormones and don't plan on having any operations to "fix" anything. In other words: "Here I am... Take it or leave it!"

I enjoy a good dirty chat because I love being turned-on. Phone sex bores me (except that one time).

I also like a good serious chat, too. I enjoy talking to someone who understands what it feels like to dress-up. I like talking to people like myself (crossdressers or what-have-you) because it keeps me from feeling all alone in this.

If there's one thing about my body I don't like, it's my height. I am way too tall to go out in public, no matter how good I might look. I'm not in a position to do whatever I want, and that would be something I'ld love to do. People would look at me and be able to tell, and I'm not sure I could handle that.

What do I hope for, in regards to all this dressing? I would like to meet someone who I could talk to about it. I'ld like to get dressed-up when someone else was around. I'ld like someone to see me the way I want to be.

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