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wantsum691964 52M
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7/2/2006 10:02 pm

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7/3/2006 9:45 pm

Still no friend

I have been on this site for awhile and have not met anyone yet. Anybody have any suggestions please let me know.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

7/3/2006 2:12 am


The two biggest things that are killing you on this site are: You are attached and you have a "dick picture." Many of the women screen out dick photos. Also, remember that most of the women on this site have been hurt by guys cheating on them, therefore they are hesitant to do the same thing to another woman.

Having said that, my next suggestion is to expand your profile to show your creative or romantic side. It's your personality that is going to win you dates.

Along the lines of showcasing your personality, start blogging on a regular basis if you can. I'm not trying to plug my blog but if you read the last four or five, you will get an idea of you the blog can be used to create a persona.

The obvious problem with blogging is that you are going to be relatively "invisible" to the blogging community UNLESS you get out there and start reading the blogs of others and making comments. Obviously this can be a time consiming task unless you target the ones that will give you the maximum exposure.

Notice on the main blog page there is something called "Active Blogs"? These are the blogs that "everyone" reads. Every time you place a comment on these 15 or so blogs, your comment (or at least your photo) will be seen by roughly 50,000 per day (total)! Trust me on my numbers - I'm one of the Active Bloggers.

As time goes on and you feel more comfortable (and develop a readership), adjust yout blogging list the way you want.

Finally, you might want to join a local interest group just to focus your "marketing" on folks in Spokane.

Remember one simple rule - if someone leaves a comment on your blog, always return the favor in kind.

And you thought this would be easy!

Lady Bambi

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