Profile pictures, works of art?  

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6/3/2006 4:41 pm

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Profile pictures, works of art?

Need to get a decent pic up. I got one up now, but it sucks. They have to review it. . . I don't know how long that takes. It's a grainy picture of me in my garage lifting weights, the light is on and the pic is bad because it's all saturated. I cut of my face because I'm a little shy.

It happens. Maybe something different in a couple days.

A profile pic is a important thing I guess. There are some profiles that have great pics. Call me Sir Mix-A-lot, but a butt picture is always great. I like big butts and I cannot lie. Great pics in my opinion, very suggestive without being too over the top. I'm going to use only women for examples, because that's all I've been looking at.

Here's a several that stick out in my mind first.

sweet_latina_bbw's main photo Wow! Nice butt!

CallistoFire, also very nice butt!

theWitch16 great!

Every guy I know (except for gays) will always say a woman's butt is a thing of beauty.

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