Webcam vs. Amsterdam  

wantoobaby 52M
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7/10/2006 9:11 pm
Webcam vs. Amsterdam

Finally got this effing webcam working. Took me longer than I care to admit. As is often the case with consumer technology, the problem was way simple. If you ever have trouble getting your cam feed going, make sure you close all other feeds, including the one streaming through the bundled software you use to test the damn thing...duh.

But I digress. The point of today's entry is to point out a similarity between an interesting application of this magnificent little device and one of the world's most unique cities.

After I finally got my webcam online last night, I decided to try it out by inviting other members with webcams to view me through mine. So I fired up the IM client and filtered on members with webcams. I then visited each, one by one, paging those who appeared receptive. What I saw was nothing short of cyber-Amsterdam. Sexual creatures doing all sorts of stuff, performing for and trying to entice who knows whom. Amsterday-style window shopping from the comfort of your own 7-way adjustable ergonomic geek throne. Only here, you actually have a chance to interact with normal people (most of them, anyway) who just happen to have healthier than average sexual appetites, as opposed to the phony doped-up scum buckets that line Amsterdam's red-light district.

It was a good time and a learning experience. Well that's it for now - got window shopping to do...

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