40 things about me...in honor of my 40th post  

wantonwill 60M
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3/31/2006 12:32 pm

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4/1/2006 7:11 am

40 things about me...in honor of my 40th post

1. I am 49 years old...soon to be 50.

2. I have 5 grandchildren.

3. I have visited 3 continents...at least 7 different countries...and visited or lived in 34 of the 50 United States.

4. I have never been to Europe, but badly want to go...particularly since some of my blogger friends live there.

5. I have had sex with around 25 different women in the last 35 years.

6. I have had 2 extra-marital affairs in 23 years of marriage.

7. I love very expensive cigars, but havent smoked any in about 11 years.

8. I love to cook, I have nearly 100 cookbooks in my library.

9. I drive a 17 year old luxury car with over 200,000 miles on the odometer.

10. I drive 35 miles to go to the grocery store

11. I drive 50 miles to get a haircut.

12. I have never had sex with a virgin.

13. I love to eat pussy

14. I like sex in the daytime...or at night with candles or lights on.

15. Farthest traveled distance to get laid....11,000 miles.

16. I love vanilla Ice cream.

17. I love nutella

18. I have never had a sexual partner "squirt".

19. I am a fountainhead of useless trivia.

20. Im considering a divorce.

to be continued

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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3/31/2006 2:46 pm

Why are you considering a divorce?

Purry {=}


rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/31/2006 5:45 pm

Sounds like you're doing a lot of reflection. Striding toward 50 seems to be a good time to do that.

Divorce...humm...is that the final solution for you? No hope of rekindling? Sometimes people do grow in different directions. I sincerely hope...whatever you decide...gives you both what you need to continue growing toward your greatest potential.




3/31/2006 10:03 pm

Would love to hear about #15. Well at least if it was worth the miles.

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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