Sticks and Stones....  

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Sticks and Stones....

He reached into a case he'd never brought with him before, and dumped onto the bed an assortment of chain and links and connectors I had only allowed a small portion of my imagination to ponder upon. Some clothes tumbled onto the bedclothes, and with them the primal dusky smell of leather. My pussy clenched in response, my skin tingled at the visual of black leather and shiny silver and the glint in my lover's eyes.

The shackles were on one wrist before i knew it, and i lay docile and anticipating as he threaded the length of chain around the headboard legs and back again to my other wrist. I was at his mercy, his every whim, and I was where i had always wanted to be- captive to this man who held my heart and safety in his very hands. How would my lover treat me..roughly? would i be a whore for his pleasure or taunt me with the desire he could see mirrored in my eyes? would his pleasure be in mine or in achieving his own? Either way i was his.

He sensed my anxiety and reached into my bedside table. He forced my vibrating rabbit between soaking lips, "and this had better be there when i get back."

I quivered from the shock and clenched my legs together even tho that intensified the vibrations. The bedroom door closed behind him and i thought thru my options as my clit throbbed in response. I couldnt give in to the orgasm i could feel building, as the rabbit would flood out in a passionate river and i must obey Him at all costs. So i writhed in agony until He flung open the door again. I panted out my dilemma but he just said "good girl" and i was glad i had chosen to obey.

The next while is unclear as to time passage. He used a dildo and the rabbit and his tongue and his cock in various combinations until i was begging him to stop and the pillow beneath my ass was soaked thru from my continuous orgasms. With the dildo in my pussy and his cock up my ass and the rabbit vibrating my clit, he let me cum again, my clit came, my cunt shook and i swear even my ass came. There was sweat on my upper lip, i could taste it, and He situated himself between my thighs, and teased my ass with the head of his cock, i laid there trembling from his previous assault, knowing he was readying for his turn. "I cant move" i whispered, and i couldnt, not even to pull against my restraints.

He slid inside my ass, without the usual painful protest of muscles, and we locked eyes and i could see his pleasure increase with every inch he put inside me. I was not helpless, even tho i could not assist, even tho i could barely reach to grip his arms as he thrust inside me. The slave has power too, even bound as i was.

He fucked me hard and as he paused to fill my ass with his cum, i tightened around his cock to enjoy every pulse. I was not the only one bound, we are captive to this lust and drive for pleasure that we share, this love where i have looked into his eyes and felt my resolve and walls crumble, and know that i have offered myself fully to this man in a way that i have never felt before. The vulnerability this brings is awesome, and i am at times overwhelmed by it.

I hope u enjoy this glimpse that i am enjoying in the retelling. Interact with us...share your experiences, tell us about your soul mate sex...

And let me ask if any of you have read the Sleeping Beauty Chronicles by Ann Rice under a french pseudonym...i had read them years ago and now my own copies are enroute via Amazon and i am so ready to reread them.

Good night!

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