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Neverending Story

HER: Let me first say that we met on here many moons ago, when I was ending a disasterously unstable and unsatisfying relationship with a man who had taken my freedom and gave nothing in return. A man who distrusted women to the point he stalked my house, screened my calls, and forbade makeup and cleavage and any vanities that may have encouraged male advances. All the while LIVING SEPARATELY and returning to his house by 10 P.M. Our relationship had denigrated to the point that he refused to kiss me or engage in foreplay of any sort. He would send my kids to bed early, strip and lay on the bed and say "suck me". Then he would fuck me and I would feel that the only thing missing in that scenario was money on the bedside table. The night i realised i was keeping count of strokes and fighting the urge to bite it was the beginning of the end, and my faltering self-respect began the changes necessary to break free from this now unhealthy situation.

I believe M contacted me, and while we teased about sex, much of our contact was playing word games on the internet and sharing our stories. There was gentleness and understanding in this man, who was teetering on the edges of a long unhappy marriage. I knew I wasnt the first, but also knew i was not ready for a relationship either. I enjoyed his company and we decided to meet. The poor man didnt know what to do when i escaped his every attempt to seduce me, but i had made myself a promise, to which i WOULD NOT break, that the changes must be made to the way i do things, and i recognised that i had hitherto ALWAYS let the flesh decide and in this i would not do this time.

Oh how i wanted to. He held me and we talked for hours, indulged in many a clothed grope, but i held firm. Now I have read on here that this is a sex site, that is what we meet on here for, and i KNEW it would happen, just not this time. This was my issue, not his, and i think he understood this.

We met again a few weeks later at a motel and I knew it was right. I appreciated his confidence and to this day i silently thank all his sexual partners and his absorbtion of the female desires that make him into the man he is today. We chatted almost every day, and when the day came that he left his home, our relationship bloomed. I am not a homewrecker, I do not harbor any guilt. The breakup of a marriage and a family is one i have felt myself. But his situation was broken long before i entered, and he did not exit due to anyone but himself.

What do you do when you have met your sexual equal? FUCK.

We have fucked on the hood of a black car in the hot summer sun like we were teenagers again, and the burn on my hand where i gripped the hood edge was a reminder of that day when he met me smelly and dark from work and i licked the sweat from his neck like ambrosia.

We have coupled in his motorhome in a park in broad daylight while listening to people talk as they walked by.

The days of him leaving me satiated in a motel room, where I passed out from our efforts and he kissed me goodbye and i sighed an MMMMM are gone, to whole days together in daylight, to weekends where we test how many hours can we spend in bed, how many times can we cum in a 24 or 60 hour period, to camping with our kids and friends.

I have sucked him on a main street in town at bar close, where the short walk to my house was just too far and the thrill of the public nasty was too great.

We have made love gently, where his brown hands on the large whiteness of my breasts while he teased my nipples was a feeling of godliness, where i slowly tease the head of his cock with my lips, my breath, my tongue, where we kiss for hours to catch up on the long wasteland that had been each of our lives for so long.

We have fucked in a power play, a savage coupling that is a huge turn on for us both. Perhaps it was the pinch of the nipples, my yank on his hair, as he caught my hand in midair and flipped me off him to tumble off onto the floor, where he licked my surprised clit to an amazingly fast cum.

We have spent a weekend at a festival, where the drum circles could be heard throughout the camp of thousands, where people were camped side by side, and he brought me to an uninhibitted orgasm where my screams threw the drummer off and sent the campground to silence, and we giggled at our lack of inhibition and our neighbors request the next morning for a cigarette.

I love him, and what he brings out in me, the wild, needy tigress in heat, the little girl who longs to be held and taken care of and made to feel safe, the beautiful, smart woman who needs to be appreciated.

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