To read or Not to read that is the question.. Day 8 begins  

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6/6/2005 7:25 am

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To read or Not to read that is the question.. Day 8 begins

After a quiet weekend, I am here again updating my "travel log". The heading for today's entry is quite fitting. Well I start off with checking the "New Matches" each day to see, if there are any new matches. When reading over a profile, if the user has a picture, I'll admit that usually catches my eye first. I guess most of the folks on AdultFriendFinder, if they're honest with themselves, will admit that too. The next two things I check are what they're looking for and then the Mutual Match section to see how well we "match". If there's a red X on the major traits- gender, age, distance, on either their column or mine, I usually pass on making contact with them.

With that said, I'll get to the point of today's rant. I received an e-mail over the weekend from someone and promptly deleted it. I have my profile clearly indicating that I am a straight male looking for female(s). Do people just think we fill out our profiles and what were looking for, just so there will be something out there on the world wild web? If a guy says he's looking for a female and doesn't say he's BI or BI-curious, why would another male think that they're going to get any kind of response other than, "What do you not understand about 'Looking for FEMALE' ?" I might actually take the time to post something in the AdultFriendFinder magazine later today about this. I'm sure there would lots of positive feedback. This issue came up in one of the chat rooms a while back. Of course there were jsut as many women complaining as guys. They have the same problem, with guys contacting them. If a woman say's she's looking for a couple or another woman, then that's what she means. I'm be willing to bet that nobody who reads this rant, will be in disagreement with me. Why do I say that, you ask. Because anyone who's reading this, CAN read.

Thanks for stopping by.

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