Day 5 - Today  

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6/3/2005 7:09 am

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Day 5 - Today

Fellow travelers,

As day 5 dawns, I am musing over a simple, yet apparently totally foreign concept to some these days. Please feel free to way in on my rants. Perhaps I'm showing my age here, but when I was growing up politeness and respect went hand in hand. These days, the "younger generation" seems to have missed out on learning these two traits. A simple "Thank you" or "No thank you", is not even in their vocabulary.

I'm focusing on this point today after reviewing my current "AdultFriendFinder stats". Today I'm showing 8 matching views and 0 new messages. Two of these eight views are two of the original three ladies I e-mailed initially on day 2. At this point I'll update you on my attempt to make contact with another young lady yesterday afternoon. I sent a very polite message to her and extended an offer of a cup of coffee and casual conversation, to break the ice. This brings me back to yesterday's look at the "good guy vs. bad boy" approach to life. Perhaps I am just too much of a "good guy" type. My e-mails to these ladies have been polite, with an attempt to open the lines of communication by asking about some of their likes, dislikes and common interests. All of these have been within the realm of literature, wine, music and the likes. After no response except for viewing my profile, I sent a second e-mail to one of these ladies with the subject line simply “Too old?” and the body of the message “Just curious…”. Is it too much to respond with a simple, " Thank you for your e-mail. If I think we might hit it off, I'll be back in touch."?

Once again feel free to way in on this with your comments.

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