All the new to be experienced  

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4/6/2006 3:46 pm

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All the new to be experienced

Well I have learned that you truly will never know what you may or may not do when you are placed in new situations....
I knew this year was going to bring new things for me, I just had no idea what.
My open mind has allowed me to experience something that, despite it's bizareness and that it is truly not everyday conversation material, has been incredible and enjoyable. What's more important, it has made me wonder what else I may enjoy and be curious about. My journey has taken me to yet a new path.

I have not nor will anything I experience make me abandon my goals and wishes and dreams, but it allows me to change them and adapt them more to what I really want. It saves me heartache in yearning for something I now know I do not really want.

What that may be? Well, I know that I do not wish to play games on a regular basis. I do not wish to become enslaved by my curiosity, my sensuality and sexual appetite, nor by my enjoyment of them all. It does not rule out the endulgement of the same, but I know now that it is not the lifestyle for me.

So, back to what I do want for myself: sheer happiness. Regardless what that may be, it is rule number one for this lifecycle around..... if something or someone does not make me happy...they got to go! Simple? Well, not really, but I will nevertheless stick to it. I have learned to much about the alternative: unhappiness breads terrible things and this wonderful life is just simply too short.

How does this connect: well, I am still looking and still interested and am still curious. Now I am only allowing those into my private life who will be happy themselves and with themselves, those who are able to look out for others and care about their well-being, those who are able to give some in return to what they are able to receive of me...and...last but not least, those who share at least a couple of my own fundamental values.

Still difficult to recognize those from the rest of the group, for they do not know they are unkind and at times believe they are a gift to others. Have you met some of them? So you know what I'm talking about. Let's not be angry at them for they do not understand, let's wish them happiness and enlightenment for their own sake.

Wow, this is starting to feel like it should not belong here....let me fix that.

This site still has a lot to offer to in people's interests and maybe discover some of my own (I'm still a very nearly clean slate...ha ha). I want to feel some different emotions, what is it like to touch another woman "inappropriately"... or even yet kiss her. No fear of attachement, I like women and always will, despite the fact that I do not associate myself with too many of them, but more discern of dislike and offending them...hmm...go there such a thing of phobia of dislike? Let me know if you find out.. ha ha

So, that is yet something to be experienced, I have interest but have lacked the time and opportunity thus far. Where there is a will there is a way though, so I am sure that will yet be another new thing for 2006.

What else? Always looking for a partner in crime, just not looking to settle for anything less than: wow...

So, this year will be a busy year (work and school before play) but I am determined to have some social time and it may be linked to this site, less pretencious people. So if you read this and got this far... drop me a line if you have no pretense and can be yourself and nothing more and nothing less. I might invite you to share some experiences with me.....

TripleHARD3 56M

4/6/2006 4:45 pm

i co not claim 2 be with out pretense since that would be pretentious don't u think

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