i love this site!  

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5/31/2006 6:13 pm
i love this site!

I think this is the best thing I have ever done! wish I had done it sooner, but I guess the time had to be right and I had to get desperate first. I am the old-fahsioned girl. The one you took home to meet your mom. I always wanted to be the hot one,you know, the one who could score and not think twice. The one who had a different guy once a week and knew her way around a guy.
It was ground into my head that the good girls didn't screw around, that they waited for marriage, or in my case, until I thought the right one came around. I'm not saying I was pure when I got married. My husband and I screwed around for two years before we got married and I had another partner before him and a half one. The half one was handsome sexy and .....gay! But, boy, could he kiss! I found out the hard way one time while we were at a club and his best friend came up to me and asked me when I was gonna give up on him.He told me that I was his greatest competition and that my boyfriend was running away from his true calling. I always thought there was something wrong with me because we never got very far. But his kisses could make my toes curl and I enjoy that. Especially french kissing with the right guy who knows how. I like them long and sensuous and hot. My husband is a good kisser, but the only time I get french klssed by him is usually on New Year's Eve or when he is passionate which is rarely.
Usually it's touchy and feely, lets go down, pump a couple of times and that's that! Rollover and go to sllep. He tells me it's his greatest sleeping pill. I just don't know! Maybe we've been together too long. He is my best friend though and I enjoy his company when we're together. I just want someone who can give me my passion back. I am a very passionate person and I love to play! The kissing and touching and the down and dirty of it is what I want. I just get so frustrated at times. That's when the massager comes in. It give me what I want when I want it while my husband sleeps peacefully in the family room, which is where I usually leave him because he snores so loud, I can't get to sleep.
I have taken some of the advice I was given on this site and tried it. It perked him up for a little bit. Bought new underwear, started working out more, bought some sexier clothes, push-up bras, shorter shorts. Yeah, ok. It's lasted for a couple of days, but his bedtime is 8 pm and the couch is his friend. Yes, I've tried watching tv with him, talking a little dirty to him (hard for me to do, but I'm learning!) and iinitiated some oves in bed. But, believe it or not, I still didn't get off. I still didn't get my orgasm! He did! He was very happy and very satisfied. But me? Still frustrated! Help!!!!
Maybe I should have become that nun instead of this frustrated aggravated woman I am becoming. They probably get more action. Oh, and I don't want the battery operated toy when there are so many of the real things out there. Maybe I should try that "bad girl" routine just once to see how it would be. Got any takers?

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