another lonely day in paradise =Sigh!  

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6/4/2006 5:51 pm

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another lonely day in paradise =Sigh!

Today was a beautiful day! I took my granddaughter to Ocean City today for the family fun festival and it was nice down there. At first, a little cold, but as the day wore on, it got nicer. I actually got browner, which I love!
We had a great time! I took her on the rides, played in the arcades, ate junk food, shopped in someof the stores and went into the water! It was cold and refreshing! Makes me want more!
It was almost paradise - except for one thing. I didn't have someone else to share it with. My husband doesn't llike the beach nor the shore period! He would rather lie on the couch all day. Of course, Sunday is his golfing day when he hangs out with the boys, which I don't really care. Every guy needs to spend some time with their friends. But then, there should be tme to spend with your wife and do things together.
I was looking around and saw so many couples and families, it makes me wistful. When my kids were small, we went to the shore and we went = alone! I used to hate it because I wanted my husband there too to enjoy his family as well as I did, but you know where he was? On the couch at home, watching his beloved tv.
I knew he wouldn't go today. I had asked him last night and I got a "we'll see". That usually means no so I went by myself - as usual.
He goes away tomorrow for 3 days. I don't know wether I'm happy or sad. It gives me time to be alone like I usually am, but it also gives him the chance to possibly miss me - which I doubt.
He claims he does, but who knows? I don't believe him much anymore.
I had made sure that the house was spotless when I left. Everything was done in it so I wouldn't have to do anything when I came back.
Well, I had a surprise waiting for me, which that doesn't surprise me either. Dirty dishes in the sink, shoes all over, hats on the chair, golf clubs near the door and pillows and his shirt and socks on the floor. So much for a cleanhouse! I told him it was clean when I left and I would appreciate it if he wold pick up his stuff and do his dirty dishes. He laughed!
I waited until 7 pm and tried not to touch anything, thinking he would take me seriously. Did he? Hell no! I couldn't stand it anymore and picked everything up and did the dishes. He walked into the kitchen where he knew I was, feigned surprise and told me he was just coming out to do them after I was done! Should've known.
I'm aggravated and disapointed. I thought the extra attention, watching tv with him more often, rubbing his feet and back and catering to him would make him see me better. It doesn't work so why should I try?! I'd rather have someone shoot me in the foot! Nothing will ever change and nothing is going to make a difference because I am and always will be - alone in paradise!

rm_ongirret 42M

6/4/2006 8:30 pm

hey girl life gets better you need to find a little release ffrom the everyday grind if intersted let me know

RockPebble 69M
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6/5/2006 7:17 am

That sounds even more boring than my marriage, lol. You need a hobby or something.

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