a beautiful day - in hell!  

wantitnow309 58F
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6/15/2006 9:06 pm

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6/19/2006 5:57 pm

a beautiful day - in hell!

Wasn't it gorgeous out there today?! I love the summer. The sun warming your body causing a slight film of sweat across your brow and your skin glowing a light brown from its exposure. Today was one of those days. Bright sun, high clouds, warm breeze blowing ever so slightly and me, dreaming of the beach and the waves! Sigh!
I went and wished I hsdn't. I took my granddaughter my best friend and her grandson with me today on the ferry and to the beach and it became ... THE TRIP FROM HELL!!!
Ever have one of those? The ones you never forget because no matter what you do or say it's wrong and no one is happy. I've had a few and this is one I won't forget for awhile. Why I ever asked my divorced man hunting friend to go with me with two little kids is beyond me! Must have forgot to put the sugar in my tea this morning because my brain wasn't functioning right!
She didn't like the ferry! CAlled it boring and expensive. Didn't like Lewes,Delaware, Found it boring .... and expensive. Didn't like my choice of beach today because it was boring, late and the waves weren't big enough! I don't know why she cared, she didn't play in the water anyway!
All she did was complain about her grandson, her life and her lack of finding a man. I almost wanted to swim back to New Jersey with my granddughter on my back to get away from her today! So, now I know - old grumpy horny women don't mix with fresh faced energetic little kids.
Me, I haven't figured out where I am in that equation. I liked what I did today. I like playing with the kids on the beach and I like to daydream and watch the clouds scuttle overhead.
I enjoyed watching the cars come on and off the ferry and daydream about escaping to some far away place where no one can find me to cook dinner, run errands, make phone calls, settle fights, clean and wash, listen to complaints, the list is endless. I just want to find a place that is quiet and secluded, on a beach, in the mountains, near a lake, anywhere where there aren't any horny, grumpy old women and complaining young people, energetic pint sized varmits, and demanding husbands.
I want to sit in a chair with a bottle of wine or wine coolers, hell, anything and lean my head back and dream of a life where there are no worries, no troubles, no arguments, no stress, no aggravation, agitation and frustration, and maybe, possibly, have someone there to share it with.
The bright summer sun moving slowly across a bright blue sky. The feel of warmth on your skin enough to create a slight film of sweat. The soft caress of a breeze across your face and the water lapping lazilly at your toes. That's my idea of heaven on earth. Too bad it wasn't today!

SirMounts 102M

6/16/2006 6:04 am

Ain't days like that just awful??? *laughing*
A warm welcome to blogging, wantitnow. *smiling*

RockPebble 69M
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6/16/2006 12:52 pm

Just picture how it would have been to be stuck in a beach house in the rain with the same crew, lol. It's all in the perspective. It doesn't sound like your friend is going to attract a man with a sour attitude like that.

I still think you need to find a hobby to help you break your old routine. He may even notice if it gets in the way of dinner, lol.

sweetbiscuit2 61M

6/16/2006 2:45 pm

hell is all in perspective..you still had the air off the water, the waves, the water, and you tried, you really tried to take yourself away from it all. Lesson learned? Do it by yourself next time, or even with someone you know shares your passion for relaxation and could enjoy the moment. Have a glass of wine. It's the weekend...

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