Love Unrequited  

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6/7/2006 7:54 pm

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Love Unrequited

Have you ever met someone and felt such a jolt, such a chemistry between you that it almost knocks you off your feet? Have you ever shared such an intimate moment with someone without touching, just the two of you together in a room close by and it sticks in your mind like peanutbutter to the roof of your mouth? Have you ever been in a room with someone and caught their eyes and wanted more?
I've been there, felt the feeling, sensed the chemistry, but knew there was nothing that would ever come of it.
I've watched this person, sensed his presence in the room before I've actually seen him, wished for him to come to where I am only to turn and find him standing there. I've shared intimate moments with this man and have never kissed him, wanting to, but too scared and too shy to make a move.
We were close but not personal. Able to speak to each other and work together, but not able to really touch. Both of us wanting to and eyeing each other, knowing what the other was thinking, but for some reason thinking we had time to explore the other avenue at a liesurely pace.
Just knowing the other was there was enough for the moment and knowing that at some time it was going to change, was more than anticipation and more than enough for then.
But it wasn't fast enough. There wasn't that time. Life changes so fast and before you know it, changes occur and you're left standing there wondering what happened and suddenly sad because you know nothing will ever happen that you were anticipating.
JObs change, people change. You still keep in touch but deep down inside you know it will never be the same. Yes, the chemistry is still there when you see him. You want to reach out and touch, but are too scared to. You both know how it could have been, but realization hits you like a slap across the face and you back off or turn away. Always pondering the question, what if? If only you had taken that step. If only you had pushed a little harder, moved a little faster, would it have been as you imagined or better?
A song you heard when he was nearby is playing on the radio and you close your eyes and you can see his face, the color of his eyes, the lopsided grin, his smell. You can feel his touch as he used to brush by you and lightly placed his hand on your shoulder or back causing flames of desire to ignite and roll down your back. Or feel the heat of his body when he pulled you close for a reassuring hug, hoping the people around you thought it was just between friends, but knowing better.
You can see him so clearly in your mind as those intimate memories roll through like a short film. All of the times you spent together talking or working together, the small arguments, the goofy pranks and jokes you played on each other,brilliantly clear as you relive each moment.
Then realization comes and you're left standing there, shaken, aching and wanting what you can't have. Wondering and pondering if it will ever happen again. Maybe not with him,but maybe with someone else. Can you find that chemistry with someone else again? Is it possible to reach that level with someone else? Then you reallize that his short interlude in your life will always be marked indelibly into your heart and your soul and you will always be wanting what could have been. Is this what they call love unrequited?

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6/7/2006 8:24 pm

Yep! This was a great post!

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6/7/2006 8:35 pm

Frank Sinatra - Glad to be Unhappy

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