The Quest Continues....  

wantitall3 57M
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4/15/2006 6:03 pm

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3/10/2007 3:13 am

The Quest Continues....

...for profiles belonging to real women...instead of the obvious and more prevelant "web pagers".
I've also noticed that 75% of the time, either the
emails aren't making it through or AdultFriendFinder isn't counting them correctly.
Ahhhh...just one of life's little challenges offered up from good ole, unstable AdultFriendFinder.
And what is up with, what I'll call the "Demi Moore syndrom"? Tis okay for older women to chase younger men, but you're a "letch" if, as an older man, you chase a younger woman? LOL
Myself, I don't find age to matter much...I've run across sexy women of all ages on here.
And besides...most of the profiles of women under 34
are web pagers.
I shall not give up...just yet.

wantitall3 57M

3/10/2007 3:13 am

age is of no concern.
mutual attraction, desires,kink levels, etc.
just tossing out thoughts on blogs.
you're STILL in the race darlin.

lusteeladee75 47F

3/8/2007 7:39 pm

Well, gamn, looks like i'm out of the race, you lookin fo the younger girls. IM thirty eight and no fake, but i tried(SIGH)would love to chat sometime. LUSTEELADEE75 JANICE

CandyKissBaby 61F

4/17/2006 8:26 am

hang in there hon, you never know. you are such a cutie, i don't see why you would have any problems meeting the ladies of your choice.

i agree about the age difference, as long as they are of age that is.

candykiss XoXo

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