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6/28/2006 12:49 pm

Hello All..I know its been a long time since I wrote in my blog but my life has been real hectic these past few month..I moved to a new apartment this past month sooooooo you see I have been busy..yep I finally moved and put all my old memories to rest..was kind of sad tho..leaving the memories of my late husband ...even tho I know I will carry them always in my here I am in my new place..alot bigger and cheaper..go figure..and very very nice..but the one thing missing is memories..I know people are telling me that I will make new memories and i know there right..but right at the moment it seems very lonely here..

But Im sure things will change..just like the people that come and go in your meet someone and think you have something going with them..they say and do all the right things..leading you to believe that they are quite interested..and then for no apparent reason they dissapear on you..leaving you to wonder just what the hell you did to make them go away..but I have finally reolized that it was nothing I did wrong..It was there insecurities that made them go see you have people out there who claim to have this open marriage..or relationship..then when they meet someone who may be kind of a threat to that marriage or relationship..(not on the girls part)..they just dissapear off the face of the earth without even a FUCK YOU..lmao.......

But thats ok..then when you happen to write them and ask them how things are get compleatly ignored..(gee why dont that surprise me)..again there insecurities..what are they afraid of..that maybe you will have some effect on them over the internet??????..hmmmmmm dont think so..ummmmm that you will insist they go out with you again...not going to you see I really dont see why people hide lol..but I guess if it makes them feel good then so be it..

But other then that my life is going great..I have met a person who makes me feel alive again..who gives me all the attention I need..who makes me feel beautiful..(not ugly and used liked some have made me feel)...made me reolize my self worth..and has put a smile back on this face....So with that I will close my blog..Just want to say..Thank you to all who have listened..and given advice..and a special Thank You to all the men out there who made me reolize that IT TAKES A WOMAN TO PUT A SMILE ON ANOTHER WOMANS FACE..AND TO MAKE HER FEEL BEAUTIFUL.....Ciao All..Carol...

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