Things I Don't Understand, Part 323  

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8/13/2006 5:24 pm
Things I Don't Understand, Part 323

If you edit your profile (or when you create your profile), A.F.F. puts it on hold for "standard approval" for some period of time ("usually" less than 24 hours). Okay, fine, I understand why they do that, and if it were done competently, I'd even be appreciative of the screening process. But I would say that if you're revising/updating your profile, they could simply leave the old one in place until the new one is approved, rather than just putting the pending-approval notice on it. And they could allow us to continue sending emails in that pending-approval time - if we were okay up to that point, did we suddenly become spammers?

But I digress.

I said "if it were done competently." Just in today's list of new members who match my settings, there were the following, all within 20 miles of me (although A.F.F. miles are considerably longer than real-world miles - when A.F.F. says it's 20 miles, it's closer to 30, for example).

Here's what one "new member" said about "herself":

"Hi! How would you like me to come over and pamper you with a full body massage guaranteed to totally relax you? I am available to do not only just that! I am a 28 years old white gal who really enjoys giving massages. Will have to be at your location. Write me soon " (Yes, there was no punctuation at the end.)

Three (as in 3) others had text like this for their profiles:

Needle Louis straight center sweet reader earth%2E Tell fight stop Paul Casey count spider%2E E2613376 Fed vote book ants moving perfectly drive%2E What atmosphere while lack done single beauty%2E

Remember, those four are just from today's list. Look, I know that screening profiles on A.F.F. isn't the most important, most intellectually stimulating, or best-paying gig in the world, and therefore doesn't draw the leading minds of our time. In fact, it's probably not even done by human screeners. But whether you're a human or a computer programmed by humans, if you can't even screen crap like that out, why bother screening (or perhaps I should say pretending to screen) at all? Let things post immediately, and if some undesired content gets posted, well, how is that different from what's happening now?

If I were a cynic, which I am, I would point out that A.F.F. benefits from allowing these "profiles" to be posted. It allows them to claim more "members," and that makes them more appealing to prospective customers and advertisers.

(Note: The spammers aren't real smart, either. The gibberish profiles don't even have pictures - at least, these three didn't. I know we men are a pretty dumb bunch sometimes, but who's going to respond to that? Put a naked picture of a sexy woman next to the gibberish and sure, we'll reply in droves, but like this?)

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