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10/15/2005 9:26 pm

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Medical Advisory

After a way-better-than-average day today (you know who you are ... thank you!) I got home and went for a jog. I came up three seconds shy of my best recent time for a mile, which is nowhere near my all-time best, but hey, I'm not 19 any more. I'm not even 24 any more. And there's more to fitness than just running fast. (Notice how nobody who runs fast says that?) So I felt pretty good.

But I've had this ongoing, lingering muscle strain, or pull, or whatever, in my upper right thigh. Today it was worse, so I hit it with some Ben-Gay when I got home. Felt better, except for one detail: The upper thigh turns out to be kinda close to another region of the body which, it seems, does not react all that well to Ben-Gay, even just in the vicinity.

Note to self: Boxers not to be worn when Ben-Gay applied. The ol' tighty-whities aren't without merit, it seems.

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