Fakes, and spotting them  

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12/21/2005 8:43 am

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Fakes, and spotting them

I thought I'd write a little bit about my experiences spotting fake profiles here on A.F.F., in the hope of helping others spot them more easily. I'd also appreciate any tips anybody else has - just add comments! Some disclaimers:

1. I'm really only writing about fake profiles of women, because they're what I have some experience finding. I assume there are fake profiles of men (and couples, etc.) on here as well, so feel free to add comments about how to spot those.

2. I'm generalizing here. When I say that fakes don't do something, I'm sure there are exceptions and you can find fakes who DO do it. More importantly, it definitely doesn't mean that just because you don't do it, you're a fake.

3. Although there are plenty of fake profiles on here, I should say that there are real people as well. I've heard horror stories, and I'm sure they're true, but everybody that I've met in person from here, no exceptions (it's about 10 or 12 over the last couple of years and no, I haven't slept with all of them), have been pretty much what they said they were.

So, how can you tell if someone is or is not a fake?

1. Since this is a blog, let's start there. Fakes don't have A.F.F. blogs. Of course, plenty of real people don't have blogs either, but if you find someone who does have a blog, it's a good bet she's a real person.

2. Fakes don't use the chat rooms or instant messenger on here. The exceptions, of course, are the bots that show up in the chat rooms, but if you're in a chat room and you see one of those, you know it right away.

3. Fakes don't have much (if anything) in the way of extras on their profiles. They don't answer all the extra questions, they don't take purity tests, they don't do personality profiles, and in a lot of cases they only have one picture.

4. Fakes often have pictures that are just too good to be true, and I don't mean that in terms of the sexiness of the person in the picture. (But that can be the case as well.) What I mean is that the picture is just too professional to be a real person with a real photo. This is sort of unreliable, though, because real people who want to make good impressions will obviously use their best photos. But if you're looking at a profile that you think might be a fake, and you have other indicators that support that, AND the picture is way too good, my bet is that it's a fake.

5. If you see a handle that includes a 3-to-5-digit number, usually in the middle or at the end, it's probably a fake. Exceptions include numbers that refer to birthdays, area codes, zip codes, the person's age, the current year, the year the person was born, variations on the numbers 69 and 24/7, etc.

6. Lately I've seen fakes whose handles are short little phrases meant to entice you, but it's fairly hard to tell, just by itself, when it's a fake and when it's a real person being clever. Again, use this to support an opinion that somebody is probably a fake, not to make the judgement on its own.

7. Fakes have short, but not really short, profiles. It's not just a sentence or two - that's typically a real person. But it's a short paragraph about themselves and another short paragraph about what they're looking for.

8. And fakes don't fill out a lot of the rest of the profile, either. Typically they answer gender, birthdate, orientation, location, marital status, height, body type, smoking, drinking, education, race, and language spoken, and that's about it. Sometimes they also give bra size (which is a little surprising - you'd think a fake would want to advertise that in order to entice us horny guys, but remember that fakes are clever). If you see just those categories, and most of them are answered as "prefer not to say," that's an even stronger indicator of a fake.

Remember that none of this is perfect; there's still guesswork involved, and sometimes we guess wrong. And this is all aimed at identifying profiles that have no real person behind them, as opposed to the ones that have real people who are misrepresenting themselves.

gentlerape 44F

6/28/2006 11:01 pm

what an interesting perception...fakes. i'm not sure what you mean by fakes; fake, as in a computer generated profile created to entice men to spend money? or fake as in, "here are some chicks on AdultFriendFinder that won't put out"? please share.
some of your observations about the things that constitute a fake are valid, i.e., the string of numbers in the handle. but, myself included, there are some women that won't share a lot about themselves in the physical profile for many different reasons. my reason: to protect my privacy. i live in a huge state where there are more heads of cattle than people, and privacy is limited. i am also a professional. i don't want anything jeopardizing my career. i didn't list an accurate birthdate, either. so, please respond to my queries about this idea of a fake, and how exactly you define one.

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