Putting My Feet Up Today  

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4/24/2006 6:01 pm

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Putting My Feet Up Today

I just realized that my lengthy post extolling the virtues of a guy here was deleted - after it had been approved - I guess by the censors. Hmmm, and I was being nice. I need a rest today, so I'm just putting up my feet for the day.

I will show you a comment another fellow sent me which I thought was pretty on target. Thanks Greg.

Please don't be so judgemental of those of us who are on AdultFriendFinder seeking recreational sex... I'm sure it's a crutch for some (of both sexes) with self-esteem problems, but the '5 fucks' you mention can be quite fulfilling, and a positive addition to one's quality of life; meeting new friends, exploring new areas of sexuality, and learning things about yourself and others - about the wonderfully varied spectrum of human sexual interaction - that simply won't arise once you choose your lover-for-life (or for the next five years).

Some of us are on AdultFriendFinder to find a monogamous partner (although I would argue the deck is stacked against this, by the very fact that everyone on this site is by definition advertising for sex in front of an audience of thousands - sort of like dressing slutty and flirting at a singles bar the size of Fenway Park and hoping to leave and settle down in blissful monogamy with Prince Charming...), and others of us are here to meet new partners for casual, consentual, mutually satisfying encounters of all descriptions.

Surely a large number - perhaps a majority - are seeking all of the above; some satisfying casual play to scratch the 'itch' of horniness, loneliness, and/or the simple (and powerful) desire to be touched by another human, while ultimately hoping to find the 'one' relationship that has the potential to evolve into so much more......

happy searching!

And my response...
Well put. I do appreciate your criticism of me, and I'm impressed by your style - face photo and name - and your thoughtful analysis of what goes on here. It's made me rethink what I'm doing here.

Perhaps you'd appreciate my post today WHICH WAS DELETED. I do generally think of myself as a kind person who is generous of heart and spirit.

Seriously_Real 48M

4/25/2006 4:59 am

I like Greg. He's wrong about there being no Prince Charming, though. Or Princesses....


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