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9/16/2005 5:49 am

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I thought that the problem was that I simply wanted to have a more exciting and crazy sex life than I had, and that I would have to look elsewhere to find it. This seemed like a good spot, people of similar mindset looking for similar things. But I have gotten absolutely no response, and now I am beginning to think that it is not others but it is me. This is only pissing me off, which can't be good. I just don't get it, I have no clue what people on here want and I have no clue how to change things. I am lost on where to go from here.

OnMyKnees05 42F

10/5/2005 7:41 am

I say don't give up but..
How r u going about it? R u contacting ppl? Just winking? R u 'pushy'? R u 2 nice? I know most guys on here r bitchin bout not gettin enuff replys or enuff 'contact' and it is cuz there are alot more men then women or what?! I can say my experience on here since I joined in late June has been pretty good/gr8. I never planned on meeting and screwing every man/woman/couple I met/chatted with on here, either tho. I have read ur profile and saw ur pics and I see nothing wrong w it or u so I just wonder HOW u r going about this?!

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