The Army's Calling!  

want2makeUlaugh 41M
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5/16/2006 9:25 am
The Army's Calling!

How Much Of Me Are They Going To Take Before They're Finally Satisfied?

As many of you already know; I served my country for six years, was in active combat in two different theatres of operation with 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (Hati & Albania), endured two life threatening wounds and in the end was left twisting in the wind.

The Army decided to kick me out August 8th 2000 with a less than honorable discharge because of an unfourtunate incident involving an American contractor in an off base dinning establishment. Apparently I have "anger issues."

Six years later, I have a daughter, I've finished college, have a great career, beat colon cancer, and most importantly I let go of my bitterness and anger with the Army.

Guess what?

The Department of the Army has decided that they want me back! Apparently, even though I did not leave with a honorable discharge I am nonetheless still on Inactive Reserve Status...Meaning: They own my ass!

I recieved orders yesterday with only 28 days notice. I report to Ft. Bening GA for TRADOC on the 12th of June and ship out to an undisclosed location a month later.

I thought for sure I was immune from being called back up. They've really got to be hurting for skilled soliders if they're calling up Thirty year old guys like me who are in crappy condition. I'm tired of that life...I thought it was behind me. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm not even sure if I'll report for duty. I'm seriously considering going AWOL. I'd have to move out of the States or go underground to avoid prison. Neither one is much of a choice. I'm looking at all my options right now. Anybody qualified to give me advice on this matter is welcome to. I need an out. I can't go back to that life!

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