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8/24/2005 9:15 pm

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In Your Mind

Part 2 of 3

She said she would be my slave. How could I refuse?

I always liked playing with the power dynamic of sex. I was with an agressive woman, and enjoyed being submissive. But she also liked being dominated, even had a fantasy we planned on enacting.

This was something else. Suddenly I had all this power over someone; she would do the dirtiest things i could think of. I could abuse her to my hearts content then send her packing. I was never a master, but I rose to the challenge. Everyone likes to tease right? Teasing is about making people want something so bad, and then not giving it to them. It's all psychological.

So yeah, I chained her up, made crawl on her knees and beg, spanked her ass till it was red. But it wasnt the actions so much as the fantasy, the roles we were playing. The pleasure she/we derived from this was all in our minds. And that made the sex even better. I satisfied her fantasy.

I came out of that changed. I started hanging out with some goth friends during this, and they were very open to alternative means of pleasure. One night a guy broke out his riding crop. I've always had a high threshold to pain, but I understood that pain and pleasure arent very far apart: it's all how the mind interprets the signals it receives. One flip of the switch... And something went off it my mind.

Synn74 42F
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8/26/2005 10:43 pm

very sexy indeed ( piercing) yes it is a mix of pain and pleasure with the rush of adrenaline perfectly described
(i just streched mine to 12g 2 days ago

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