3 Pitchers Later  

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9/13/2005 9:31 pm

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3 Pitchers Later

Advisory: 3 pitchers later...

So, after 3 weeks on this site, I haven't met 1 person. I'd say thats a horrible success rate. I also recommend everyone cancel their accounts right now. On Lavalife, I emailed 3 people, met 1 and slept with her. 1:3 is a great meet/sleep ratio. This site is horrible. Ohh, so you might say I didn't go about it right or some bullshit. My opinion is that every woman here is bombarded with emails; every guy is sending emails to as many chicks as possible in the desperate attempt to get laid, and my emails are lost in the mix.

This is supposed to be a site to meet people with the same (sexual) interests. I am intesred in sex in any shape or form. Simple right? Ahh, but you're trying to pick up a woman, so you gotta flirt with her, talk with her, romance, wine, dine, etc. No, no, no. If I wanted that game, I'd go to a bar or club, take blind dates, hit on every single person I meet. Fuck, it's hard enough being a shy guy online.

Well, 2 months to go. So tell me, or wise one of the chat/email pick up, besides being myself, how the fuck do you pick up someone online? There is no sexual energy emanating from my computer, nor can I transfer it through emails. I cant prove I'm a good kisser, dick pics don't show that I know how to use it, and my eyes are my best feature. How do I use those!?

I'd like some feedback, motivation, reasons as to why I should acutally keep this account. Maybe I should simplify what I'm, looking... Who gives a fuck what I'm looking for, no ones checking me out.

In reality, I'm really good at being picked up, not the other way around. In the first 5 seconds you meet a chick, she already knows if shes gonna sleep with you or not, you just gotta make sure you don't say anything stupid. I pick up on this. I'm not a body builder, jock, Romeo or Don Juan, I just fuck really well. However, that sexual confidence doesnt make me a charmer, flirter or any sexier over a PC.

Yeah, I'm bitter. There's always tomoro.

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