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11/15/2005 3:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My fantasy

I'll be walking back from a town, after a night out or whatever, i'll see a man i know and he'll pass me and say hi. I'll be wearing a low cut, sexy little top and a shortish skirt. we'll keep walking and then a few seconds later he'll stop and turn, he'll catch me up and take my firmly be the armand lead me down a side street or alley. I would be making a very half hearted atempt to resist, knowing full well what he had in mind and getting wet at the thought of it. he'll push me up against the wall, he'll kiss me roughly and push up my skirt, pulling my pants to the side. i'll be scrabbling to unzip his cock desparate for whats about to happen.

He thrusts his thick, long and rock hard cock straight up me and pound away, roughly, desparatly..... it'll be quick and hard i'll be uncontrolable and gagging for him to cum, in me, my mouth, over me anywhere!! DAMN IT JUST CUM!!! i'll push him away and take is hugh member in my mouth, gobbling it as if it was the last cock in the world, he would have hold of my head and i'd gag. now i'd push him away again so i could stand up rubbng my tits up his hard shaft going to mount him again and as i did.......HE WOULD CUM!! bucket loads all over my tits and top, it would be across my lips as well and dripping off my chin, i'd lick up and swallow as much as i could and suck the last few drops from his cock before he left, leaving me to walk home, cum splattered top, cum dripping down between my breasts, hair and cloths messed up. I walk home excited knowing my men were there waiting there for me. for the gang bang i'd prommised them earlyer........


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