musings on the real-life meet  

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4/26/2005 6:44 am

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musings on the real-life meet

Today I am staying home and cleaning my house. Had a rough day yesterday, and looking forward to a quiet day today. Creditors that my ex-husband owed money to have caught up with me and expect me to make good on it. It seems there will be no end to the trouble that man costs me. Furthermore, now I have made two connections on AdultFriendFinder, ruined by the fact that they are/were friends with him. He is definately like a weird feeling that is hard to shake.
On topic, my ex and I had a terrific sex life before my first baby, the best I ever had. The subsequent years, though, were barren of passion or love. He no longer found me attractive, and would not go down on me, as well as other things. French kissing was a delicacy that was so infrequent that I could count its occurance on one hand. As I have reamerged into single life, meeting people, taking risks, I find there is lingering insecurity with my body, as though I assume from the onset that the men I meet won't like it.

On AdultFriendFinder, we are all on here peddleing our wares, assuming that there is someone out there who wants what we have. Appearing confident online, insecurity still lurks in the shadows at the thought of a real life meet.

My question today is this: Do you struggle with the same issues? And if you do, what do you do about it, and do you say anything to your prospective partner?

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4/26/2005 12:58 pm

Yes, I struggle with some of the same issues. My ex wife is burdened by debt which some firms have tried to make good through me; although they have failed miserably. I often feel insecure before a meet - on the few (very, very few) that I have, but gain confidence as the meet begins. I don't expect ever to meet the person thast I am looking for, I don't honestly believe that such a person exists and, perhaps, that's what makes me insecure initially. However, once I accept that it isn't going to happen, I can go through with whatever it is and not feel bad or let down at the end of it.

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