Don't I know you from that adult website???  

wanderlust1176 41F
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4/23/2005 12:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Don't I know you from that adult website???

Ok, the town I live in is not small, but it isn't big either. It began to occur to me that it may not be the smartest thing to have a picture of my face floating around on a site like this, even in thumbnail size I am easily recognizable.
When I first posted a picture, I felt a face shot was the most genuine thing I could do. I am very sensitive about misrepresenting myself. When I meet someone, I like to know what to expect, and I try to give the same. No Barbie dolls here.
However, I have begun to be nervous, when I consider all the pervies I know in this town, and certainly I'm not the only one bored enough to hang out on AdultFriendFinder.
So I had a friend of mine send me this pic he took of me, and even if it has been played with a little on photoshop, it is ME nonetheless.
So my question is, do you like it? And do you think it appropriate for the site?

nightstogether 56M

4/23/2005 8:20 am

It's a good shot, no problems with it at all. You know, you can check through the search if anyone lives in your area ... although I am only assuming that everyone can do that.

private-intellectual (.de)

IronsFetesSinai 56M
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4/23/2005 8:27 am

Very suggestive! But I wouldn't put two & two together untill you leave the room! Then it would be "I seen that ass before!" Then I would have to lick that up! "oop I ment 'look that ass up'" letting you think I'm chaseing. When actualy I working you into a corner. To take mo' pics of that fab, ass. If I told you "have a great ass would you hold it againest me?" Please hold it closer?


mygmyg 59M

4/23/2005 9:08 am

Wanderlust, I can't really make out the content of the pic due to the size , the manipilations and the B/W. Think I can, butas i cock my head from side to side, Nope, maybe... not. I am not the brightest bulb though.

expatbrit49 62M

4/23/2005 10:27 am

It is hard to make nout in its small size so I whent to your profile for the larger one. Ok I think I like it but I am still trying to figure it out...Hmm a hand for sure, but where is the rest?

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

100needfulthings 42M

4/23/2005 12:51 pm

Wanderer, It's a great photo. I was an art major in collage (what I attended), and can say that compositionally, it is good. Subject is hidden and yet exposed. Black and white photos are interesting because you need good shadows and light to make the picture happen, and can be more challenging than color. As for being appropriate for AdultFriendFinder, if it is giving the impression you're trying to put out, then it's good. I see a treasure that's hidden just below the surface, a reluctant willingness. Caution mixed with abandoned innocence. Oh, and a very nicly shaped rear! K.

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