flash me a sign!  

wanderlust01970 50M
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7/20/2006 10:37 am
flash me a sign!

So Kathy and I met last night in Boston. Went to a nice restaurant she recommended; of course it was a very classy place and expensive. But the bottles of wine were fantastic. Found out that she knew her wines and I allowed her to order. She also recommnded a few items on the menu; she had been there before (just wondered with whom); the waiter seemed to know her. She's a good conversationalist; has a sense of humor; intelligent, appeared well read; one other thing - she wore a black summer dress, short length, showed off her great looking legs. High heels accentuated her shape. I wanted to....had to fight the urge, damn it! Being horny can be painful at times but I want to get to know her first. I felt like a lucky guy last night, even tho I didn't get that lucky. I couldn't tell if she was sexually alive as yet. In time, I'll find out, but today we'll take it slow. There a signs when it's time. So, Kathy, flash me a sign will ya! (grinning) I just wonder how she is in bed? Oh, I am a gentleman...I paid the bill, but will I get a thank you later??? (grinning)

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