What's your favorite sex position?  

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7/13/2006 6:19 am

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What's your favorite sex position?

I happened to come across a Kinsey report somewhere on the Internet. It talked about a survey that was done about people's fav sex position. One instance talked about spooning. That was my favorite in my prev marriage. I enjoyed that I could wrap myself around her totally. There was no escaping this embrace. It was a very sensuous feeling when pumping her from behind.

One curious note that was made was that the author mentioned that the woman got full enjoyment when the man's penis was smaller, not bigger. He mentioned a few scientific facts about the genitals and how it affected both men and women and why the smaller penis was more effective, or in his opinion more enjoyable for the woman. Although curious, I wonder if there is some basis to this report. Kinsey has been around for some time.

So, I ask you, anybody that might be listening, what's your fav position and what's your opinion about this?

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