What's for Desert?  

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6/17/2006 6:26 am

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What's for Desert?

Jen and I spent a quiet evening together last night. Neither of us are into the clubs or bar scene. She came over for dinner and we just chatted about our past lifes; her ex, my ex. Blah, dull, but the discussion was a kind of a release for the both of us. We discovered that we felt better after talking about the things we disliked about our respective ex's. We had fun putting them down w/o fear of retibution.

For desert, we engaged in scarf play. She's such a tease. I love the feel of silk around my waist. She wrapped the longest scarf around both of us and we danced, eventually cheek-to-cheek. Well, it was certainly getting warm, then hot...well you know...things happen and get out of control. I'm finding a stronger attraction to her today. Her hair smells like strawberries, I love her hair in my face. I love nibbling on her ears and feeling her breath on my neck. Oh yea, this turns me on, esp when I can feel her breasts against mine. She teases me more saying that I can't have her until she can tie my hands behind my back, hmmmm. She loves engaging in foreplay, she teases me with her lips and then her tongue. Christ, I'm going to explode but holding back. I haven't even gone inside her yet and I'm cumming already.

I've made a discovery, I'm not accustomed to being the object of desire, of being helpless when tied up...this was very erotic...loved the feeling.

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