Undisclosed Rendevous  

wanderlust01970 50M
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6/25/2006 6:43 am
Undisclosed Rendevous

After being separated for about a week, Jen and I caught up with each other at her place. I caught the red-eye back from SD and went staight over. I woke her up very early with an abrupt door knock. When she answered the door, she looked great. Yea, it was that early morning look we all have before getting ready for the day..snarley hair, morning breath, dishelved appearance, but I didn't care. She was radiant no matter what time of the day. We smiled and locked in a killer embrace. I missed her...that crap I noted about the L word was nonsense on my part. What the hell was I thinking about. Forgeddaboutit!

I wont share all the gory details...not enough time. But lets just say that we both lusted and lusted more as soon as we turned out the lights, even if it was still morning. Later that day over brunch, she mentioned something about an undisclosed rendevous somewhere in Boston. No explanation, she asked me to trust her. No questions. OK, I respected her wishes but wondering all night what she was up to. Well, I'm not going to be playing the role of a PI and spy on her. I decided to trust her. That's what relationships are all about, trust your mate.

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