Ooops !  

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6/9/2006 3:18 pm

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Ooops !

A female friend and I went out for drinks last night to bitch and moan. She too is divorced and looking for some fun. We made a pact that we wouldn't get sexually or romantically involved. We were just remembering some funny moments we encountered somewhere in our past. She told a funny story about friends who were married having sex but not knowing how noisy they were.

It was a hot and muggy summer and she was working in her garden. Her friends lived next door and their bedroom window on the second floor overlooked her garden. It was quiet that afternoon, no kids around yelling and screaming. Their kids were off to summer camp. She thought she heard something, a noise, not too distinguishable at first. Then a man's groan...then smiling to herself in that familiar way, the familiar sound of bed banging against something hard...had to be the wall. She remembered it was an old bed given to them by their parents. Then, she heard her gal friend scream her husbands name...first a muffled sound as if to hide her excitement then it got louder.

Anyway, she stopped what she was doing to listen in, more like eaves dropping. She was devious...She stated that she wanted to be a brat and do something to surprise her friend. It was hot, and the backdoor was open. She tiptoed thru the backdoor quietly, walked up the stairs which were carpeted to disguise her approach, walked into the bedroom with her garden tool in hand, and asked "Busy, how about coffee?".

Now, I know this may not be really funny, but the looks on their face, bodies engaged, sweaty, and humping away, bodies tense, she could sense it was just before orgasm....they stopped dead in their track, red faced, embarrassed, breathing hard....then anger was setting in.

I guess you had to be there. Her friend wouldn't talk to her in a week, and the husband avoided her. My friend said after that incident she always kept her doors locked when she was having sex.

I thought her story was humorous. Depends on which perspective you view this...

If you were the couple, how would you feel?

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