On the prowl  

wanderlust01970 50M
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7/2/2006 4:03 pm
On the prowl

Met up with some friends last night and went to Boston for some fun. Hit a club that stays open late and there were many good looking women there. I love the black short dresses of summer, esp when women have long shapely legs...if there's one feature that turns me on are long leggs and high heels....and there were many last night.

After the first drink, I asked a few women to dance and rejected 3 times. It's a numbers game, so I keep trying. There's a nice looking gal dressed in blue tank top and white pants, sizable boobs...very sexy...long brown hair and thin lips. Without hestitation, asked her to dance and she said yes! We danced and danced... I was surprised nobody asked her to dance and made mention of this over the loud music. She smiled and said she had danced with two previous jerks who got real close and groped her. That's why she was standing alone at the bar. After the music stopped, we went over to the bar, bought her a drink, talked...we had a very pleasant time.

On leaving for the evening, I asked if she'd like to meet for lunch sometime...surprised...she said yes! My heart raced and thought to myself, On the prowl again, yee haaa!

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