No Secret Sauce today!  

wanderlust01970 50M
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7/5/2006 6:02 am
No Secret Sauce today!

Well, our BBQ yesterday was just short of a smashing success. The southern-style ribs were great, food and beer, everything else that goes with the Fouth celebration was fun. We were really close to getting the secret sauce out of the good ole boy from Mississippi. He pounded down the beers, watched 3 porn dvd's, he got real loose.

Everytime we watch these I can never remember who the actors are...does it really matter? But she looked of the guys said she was on Howard Stern's late night program awhile back. She flashed her tits in front of the camera. I must have been in a horny mood because I watched all of those dvd's...have you all watched something and said to yourself...been there done that...the act is always the same...why do I bother with this crap. I'll have more to say in my next posting about this, but don't misunderstand me, I still enjoy these, it's entertainment after all. And, sometimes will learn a few things.

We lost the cause when we threw him in the pool out of frustration of not getting the secret sauce. That sobered him up fast. We'll get it someday but No Secret Sauce today! I'm pissed!

We drove down to the Hatch shell to see the fireworks...always a great show for those not familiar with the annual Boston bash.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration!

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