Sexual Addiction vs Sexual Identification 2  

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7/30/2006 1:10 am

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Sexual Addiction vs Sexual Identification 2


Where was I? Oh yeah #3...

3) The older I get the more important it is that I find an intelligent woman. I used to love tearing up some young ditzy pretty thing; it just doesn't have te same allure anymore for me. I've discovered that I need a woman of mental substance. Don't get me wrong a killer smile and an awesome set of legs are mandatory, but I have certainly turned my affections to older more mature women who have a grasp on their sexuality (although if you are younger and intelligent w/ a grasp on your sexuality please don't rule ourself out!). Older women (for the sake of this post older means over 40) just seem to that "THING" about themselves. I theorize that older women have usually accepted and come to grips with most things in their lives (especially sex). Usually if they have some sort of "issue" if they haven't solved they at least will admit it's there and make an attempt to contain it.

4) I like the taste of my own cum! For many years I was CUMAPHOBIC. I'd resist kisses that were offered to me after my throbbing cock spewed my love gunk into my partners mouth. Now it's a kinky lusty feeling to taste my man juice on the lips of the angel who just coaxed it of my man pillar.

5) I have a fetish of women who wear killer high heels and short skirts. They rock. Enough said!

6) I love SLUTS! The sluttier/kinkier/naughtier a woman is the more I want her. When I say "I want her" I just don't mean to have and move on, rather, to have and hold on. I guess it goes back to wanting a woman who I know can identify and relate to my sexual "aspirations". Maybe I need a woman who is in the porn business or escort business.....

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