ramble on rose  

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12/13/2005 2:25 pm

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ramble on rose

like leaves and trees from spring to fall
we have seasons that determine all
and even though we fight to fly
the train keeps coming all through the nite
in the face of love we think we know
how the heart will act when its time to know
but even then our plans to win
are upset by the twirling sin
of love lost and of love found
and all the pretty pictures in a row
can’t hide what we already know
pleasure and pain have a thin line
that separates whats in my mind
that your face is burned deep inside
so i can’t wait till sunday nite..........

ah for the hint of one bit of message
of a call, of a whisper
of a thought.
one glimpse of intent
a feeling across the vista
sent with love
sent carelessly or with purpose
i will take it all.
waiting for a morsel of you
any small amount which makes me whole
leaves me complete for just a moment
until leaves have fallen
and spring must come again.......

and my needs???

its 5pm and i haven’t had as much as one simple word, crumb, morsel of Mary all day.
the misty weather cold rain makes me think of mankind's pain
where nothing that the twilight brings is at all the way it seems
merely taunting another dream that likely never fulfills
what in your mind, felt like, might bring about ecstatic arrows of feelings
unbeknown to others, something shared but lately pared
with unfulfilled prayers, and tender the fair promise, the love, the pure
and don’t let it wander too far
you shalt surely loose......

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