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12/15/2005 9:25 pm

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new sexy song

Say your sexy
and erotic too
Got it goin
and in the groove
Maybe moons
and maybe stars
Have seen a few things

Sex is like sky above
Its been around this twirly dust
Longer than our feeble hearts
Have flickered here in the dark

(Amd now the part)

Put your pussy up in my face
Cause I want be your grace
Got my dick way down your throat
And I think im gonna smoke….IT

cause im rollin and I canot change
Pretty woman brings me pain
Cause the feelings just oh so right
And my dicks got all the might

Steam roller coming down the track
Pumpin pussy is my rack
Grab you by the hair
And say baby suck this here

Dick in pussy is what I like
Hike hike, hike, hike
Pretty woman got what you like
Suck my cock,
Its what you like

(and on and on and on……..

(mansa musa)

2/11/2009 11:05 am

seriously, you should copyright those rymes, you could turn it into something big. Remember that "My back just like that"? that girl made a bundle from that song

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