The cats are killing the mood  

walkingdude001 46M
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7/7/2006 1:00 pm
The cats are killing the mood

So here is my first blog on AdultFriendFinder. I blog allot on MYSPACE but I think these should have a different feel to em.
Now I have been on here for about four months and have met some great women who I have enjoyed talking to as well as other activities. But it seems as though three out of four profiles are either fake (Give me your e-mail address so I can have the company I work for send you spam for cam sites.) or my personal fav (I am traveling in africa for work and was mugged now the hotel is keeping my passport can you send me some money). These are kind of fun but a serious waste of my time and energy as I don't type very well, hell I've been working on this for an hour now and I haven't gotten very far at all.
Now I know I could type some sort of initial opening in word and copy/paste it here, but would that make me any less fake then the people I'm bitching about?
Don't get me wrong the women I have met here have been really great so I have no complaints there. However, I send messages daily and wink from time to time and get response only from about 1-50 that are real. I understand that women get more responses than men (if I had tits I'd have more mail than I want) but come on cant you just take two minutes to say "Hey thanks for the interest but you don't real do it for me." I got that once and I respected her more for it than her not saying anything at all.
Now I just moved down here and though I'm not completely alon with no one to talk to I like diversity and newness from time to time.
So if you read this and are in the Milwaukee area comment and let me know there are real women out there who are on this site.

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