I need a potato gun and some lemmon cream  

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7/12/2006 5:25 pm
I need a potato gun and some lemmon cream

Ok so Im moved-ish. All my crap is here, for the most part in boxes and piles, about my apt. Its way smaller than my house but I still fit in the door so its all good I guess.

My neighbors seem nice and relatively quiet (bummer). My critical eye (the good one) has already caught building issues that need to be addressed and assessed for the good of all man kind, or at least the management of the complex. Loose siding, poor roof design and not enough hot, loose women. But I will call in the next few days and see what they are willing to do about these issues.

My cat apparently left something very valuable in the closet or cupboard and is trying desperately to retrieve it I will now go and kick him (not really just settle down). The cats had issues with the hour and a half ride; actually I had issues with the cats during the hour and a half ride. The Boy and I used a pet taxi/cat restraining device and both cats felt that the music choice on the radio was not what we should listen to, so they sang for us the whole way. Next time they are being force feed bourbon and being muzzled.

A friend stepped up and helped me with the move, she wrangled her son and his friend into helping so I must buy those men beers (as soon as they are old enough). It made a huge difference in the viability of my furniture, well that and the ownership of the same. Had I been forced to have the boy help either the repair bills to the damage of the apartment or the medical bills from him dropping large heavy items on me would have made my financial future questionable at the least. He is sleeping now I should throw something at him.

My other adventure yesterday was buying a wireless router. My apartment is about ten years old and has two cable jacks, neither of which is in any way anywhere near my computer. Now I know that you all think I am some sort of computer god but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Has anyone heard the term Plug and Play? Well apparently this is not to mean Just plug it in and it will work with no problems and you will be off and running. What it really means is put your computer together on that side of the room the insert all of our software, so that we can track your key strokes and watch you. Then after this step take your computer apart and move it over to that side of the room to finish the install. When you get the message that says your installation is complete, you may take your computer to its original position and set it up again, however your wireless internet will not work at this time due to the fact that it configured the computer at that location and now you have moved it to a new position and we are unable to confirm your location because we triangulate using the fifth moon of Saturn and out dated GPS systems. Follow the steps again, but this time using the longest network cord you can find so as not to actually move the CPU. Thank you from India, have a nice day, fuck you Brad (Yep cus that is a classic Hindu name- Brad Durkadurka). But as you can tell it works now.

Screw it this is long enough for now. Go outside and do something.

Is it incest if you sleep with your in-laws?

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